1. H

    126 560sel wheel spacers

    MERCEDES 1991 126 560SEL.Please help. Did the above cars come out with wheel spacers or was it an option? Some people say that the spacers are not supposed to be fitted to these cars. Should these cars have wheel spacers or not? Thank you, Hilton Wolff. South Africa.
  2. D

    Wanted: W126 560SEL...

    As stated, im ready to get my teeth into another project, and a W126 560SEL is the choice of day. Has to be a 560SEL in black (grey also considered) and with BLACK leather interior which is a MUST... Going to be fussy with spec too as im willing to wait for the right car to come along, so...
  3. R

    560SEL Hydro pneumatic suspension issue

    Hello All, A friend of mine in Paris has a 560SEL with a height issue. As I understand it, the car rises up when started but it never becomes level at the front. He reports that one (front) side's higher than the other. I haven't seen the car so can say no more and I've never owned one so much...
  4. D

    W126 560SEL full hydraulic suspension problems

    Hi all, After owning a 560sel whilst working in Canada, I have finally managed to buy another here in the UK. I loved my first car so much, I just had to have another. So... After looking for ages I have finally bought a 560sel 1989. It's the 300bhp version with a full front and rear...
  5. C

    W126 560sel

    Following the purchase of a W140 S600L I have to let this beauty go unfortunately... Rather than list everything here, I will just do the basics, PM me for any further information you may want.... Its a 1987 model, and has completed 137000 miles, and it has a great history, latterly with...
  6. C

    W126 560SEL v W140 600SEL?

    Well I will soon find out.... Saw an advert for what looked like a beautiful 1994 600SEL for sale local to me at 11am this morning....viewed it and drove it on the way back home from work at 5pm....by 7pm I had bought it... Trouble is...part of the deal with the wife means I have to sell...
  7. C

    W126 560SEL A/C Compressor

    Hi Anybody know where I can get a 560SEL compressor at a decent price, new or 2nd hand...? I have been quoted £299 +VAT for a new one....there are some on EBay, not sure of the quality of them though? Cheers
  8. D

    W126 560sel

    Sure does look nice and clean... Maybe been cleaned (detailed) abit too much judging by that engine bay which seems to have had copious amounts of WD40 sprayed on it... Only thing that would possibly grate me would be the solid navy paintwork.. A metallic navy blue would have been so much...
  9. C

    560SEL Downpipes

    Hi all Has anybody ever fitted the Klarius downpipes you can get from eurocarparts? They are significantly cheaper than OEM at £92 a side? Cheers Steve
  10. mct_cars

    560SEL Carat Duchatelet Diamond

    Proper Yakusa special. Literally! Mercedes-Benz 560 limousine Duchatelet Carat Diamond | eBay?
  11. WDB124066

    1992 Mercedes-Benz 560 560SEL 67Kms

    What's it worth in the UK, rust free?? Mercedes-Benz 560 560SEL 67Kms Only 1992 | Trade Me
  12. mercmush

    Lhd 560SEL

    mercedes benz 560 sel | eBay Here's a grossly overpriced US lhd 560SEL with the daft headlamps that were mandatory at the time ( I think ) for the US market.
  13. mct_cars

    Nice Low Mileage late 560SEL. But how much?

    1990 MERCEDES 560 SEL AUTO BLACK - 67K - FMBSH | eBay That's a lot of money, and not convienced about the chrome arches. Car does look otherwise good though, and plenty of spec!
  14. carat 3.6

    W126 560sel custom...

    May not be to everyones taste, but I like it :cool: Mercedes w126 560SEL | eBay
  15. carat 3.6

    W126 560sel spares or repairs

    Buy it to restore, or an engine donor for your w123?1988 MERCEDES 560 SEL AUTO BLUE | eBay
  16. andy27168

    Very Nice 560SEL

    1989 MERCEDES 560 SEL AUTO BLACK | eBay UK
  17. 5

    Which brake calipers on a 560sel

    Hello I need to replace the rear brake calipers as they are badly seized/binding. When looking for replacement ones i have been asked wether they are Bendix or ATE calipers. I'm not too sure which ones are already fitted to the car as the ones currently fitted are badly corroded and can't...
  18. 5

    Rocker cover gasket replacement 560sel

    Hello I need to replace the rocker cover gaskets on my newly aquired 560sel. I have already bought them, it looks like a simple enough job but are there any hints or tips e.g do i need to use any sealant with them? Many thanks
  19. 5

    Interior water leak 560SEL 1987

    Hello I have recently bought a 1987 560SEL, which i am very happy with. However, i have noticed that there is a water leak coming from near the bonnet pull handle near the passenger footwell. I have taken the front carpet up to dry them out as they were very wet. I have had a look under...
  20. newbitz1957

    Armour plated 560sel with only 25000 miles

    Oh yes......... 1987 ARMOURED MERCEDES 560 SEL AUTO GREY on eBay (end time 15-Feb-11 20:15:18 GMT):devil::devil:
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