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    Clattery G Box rumble on W124 5Sp Man Box on T/O

    Hi All, I'm not actually sure of the gearbox number, but it's a five speed manual on an 89 300E, W124, 140k miles. Gear selection is smooth except in reverse when the engine is hot, then, there's a grinding going into reverse. Putting it into a synco gear first stops the grinding. At full...

    W140 S280 4sp or 5sp Auto?

    I'm looking around W140 S280/S320 on the market, I'm covering up to 500 miles a week and this model would fit the bill. I've noticed that the S280 has a 4sp auto, was the 5sp auto an option? My SL320 has a 5sp which has been excellent, but I'm not so sure an S280 4sp is a good combination?
  3. mbenz1977

    c180 elegance 5sp mot and tax sh

    good condition for year £1000.00 :thumb:
  4. EDZ649

    5sp Manual E320 Cabriolet

    93' MERCEDES E320 CABRIOLET RARE MANUEL DOGLEG GEARBOX on eBay (end time 20-Jun-10 14:19:29 BST)
  5. aka$h

    e320 twin turbo conversion + 5sp auto

    Im doing a twin turbo conversion on my e320c, Before fitting the kit on, Im totally rebuilding the engine, and gearbox. The diff will be sent to quaife in the hope they can fit a LSD in place. To further complicate the issue I decided to swap the 4sp autobox for the 5sp autobox. this...
  6. aka$h

    w124 4sp to 5sp Auto conversion

    After much thought I decided to go ahead with the transmission swap. I had a donor car, whcih Ive taken the engine out of for the turbo conversion. Having stripped the car apart, here is what I now know about the system. The 5sp box uses electronics only for 4->5->4. But the wiring...
  7. aka$h

    w124 4sp to 5sp Auto conversion

    Im just about to buy a car with a 5sp auto to swap the gearbox and diff over. Nav just had a word with george, and apparently there is an electrical plug on the 5sp box, which mine wouldnt have. Does anyone have any more info on what additional wiring would have to be done? Or if its even...
  8. altreed

    5sp Auto - tip conversion

    Has anyone converted a std 5spd auto {circa 1997} to a tip control? I fancy a tip gearbox and understand that it is more or less the same as a 5spd box. Cheers Dave
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