1. L

    AMG 5-spoke alloys 6.5J16, set of 4

    Selling a set of 4 AMG (ATS German make) 5-spoke "penta" style alloys (but genuine AMG, not Penta brand) 6.5J16, 112mm pcd, 5 stud, et35 offset. They have some old 205/55R16 on, which are usable but might not pass an MOT due to age. I'd guess you could mount a 215 wide tyre without...
  2. S

    cls 20" rims 5spoke

    Anyone have any 5 spoke 20s that fit cls that would like to swap for cash,, cheers scooty
  3. C

    19" Anthracite Concave 5spoke Alloys

    For Sale Team Dynamics Jade R 19” Concave Alloys finished in satin Anthracite. They are as follows Front: 5x112 8.5J ET35 19” with Achilles ATR Sport 235/35/19 with 4-5mm tread Rear : 5x112 10J ET30 19” with Achilles ATR sport 275/35/19 with 5-6mm tread The wheels are in near perfect...
  4. fatdazza

    W203 5-spoke 17” ‘Adharaz’ Wheels incl Vredestein Wintrac Extreme XL tyres

    Is there anyone interested in these? - They are for sale at £500. 5-spoke 17” ‘Adharaz’ Wheels incl Vredestein Wintrac Extreme XL tyres Wheels are in good condition with no nasty scuffs, but a bit of the usual bubbling around the spokes. I will post some pics if there is interest. Good...
  5. mb240

    W208 CLK55 AMG [AMG performance lowering, 18" AMG 5-spoke wheels]

    Here is my new ride, had the option of going for regular AMG suspension or a lower AMG suspension, so I went for the lower one. There are also Style 4 AMG wheels (I think - the original 17" are gone, the 5 double-spokes look like Style IV as far as I am aware).:bannana: :bannana:
  6. R

    Wanted - Period AMG 5-spoke wheels for '85 SEC

    Hi, I'm still looking for a set of wheels for my SEC. I'm after something period and preferably the 5-spoke 'Penta' wheels. I'm not worried about condition so long as they are roadworthy and not heavily kerbed. Please let me know if you have or see anything around. Thanks!
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