1. Headhurts


    So l local man owes me £60 and despite two recorded letters I am being ignored. He is quite a wealthy man, far wealthier than I, £60 is not much I guess but it does bug me but not sure if enough for me to take it further and would any further action by myself be worthwhile? Tempted to just let...
  2. A

    Nextbase 7" DVD click car player with extras £60

    Hello Due to an upgrade this is no longer required. It is in great condition always kept in the laptop bag. 7" DVD screen Works off car lighter or mains Battery to click into it to use it on its own Headrest mount IR plug all you need is a pair of IR headrest (£10 e-bay) Remote control Case...
  3. wheels-inmotion

    3 points and a £60 fine for...........

    Snow on the roof of a car ..... Done for an "insecure load" i kid you not
  4. pupsi

    Black & Decker HP188F3B Electric Drill - Brand new for £60

    Collection welcome from the Heathrow area.
  5. Gollom

    £60 Love2Shop Vouchers

    Anybody due to buy something from the folllowing shops (Argos not included) I have got £60 of these (won at work) which I'd rather use toward our Paris trip in August. Face value only Beaverbrooks Boots BHS Debenhams HMV House of Fraser JJB Sports Marriott Hotels UK River Island The Alton...
  6. Mercedes cozy

    Advice needed, Got 3 points and a £60 fine

    Hi All Need some advice here. Got a phone call from my brother last night telling me that the old bill pulled him over and they reckon the suspension on his golf VR6 is too hard and they issued him with 3 points and and £60 fine.:mad: :wallbash: I have seen the car and the suspension is...
  7. dervdoc

    E class 17inch alloys ready for paint £60

    ready for paint, £60, collection from Co.Armagh N.Ireland or can arrange courier
  8. Satch

    £60 fine and three points on licence for minor accidents

    God it never ends! Thousands of drivers who would have escaped prosecution for collisions after simply swapping insurance details will now face likely prosecution as soon as the police become involved. An array of trivial motoring offences in addition to minor crashes are also likely to...
  9. A

    42" TV for sale £60

    Hello Anyone want a 42" TV for £60, the volume buttons broke, but I thought at that price you cant turn it down...
  10. Palfrem

    £60 bus lane fine versus this....

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/merseyside/7436712.stm Over to you folks..
  11. Gucci

    £60 fine for 5 seconds in a bus lane

    As the title suggests, I received a penalty charge notice (with photographs) of me cutting the end of the bus lane to take the left turn road. No buses anywhere, no chance of holding one up, but the photo shows I was in the lane for 5 seconds. I imagine there's no point in contesting it, but...
  12. crockers

    Using a telephone whilst driving carries more than a £60 / 3 point penalty

    Just read in autoexpress that according to the AA insures take a dim view if you are convicted of using a mobile whilst in charge of a vehicle - many will load the premium and one company will not offer cover. Do you think that is overkill being punished twice or do you agree with that..:rock:
  13. PaulE230

    Can anyone recommend a good camera for £60

    thanks Paul
  14. Satch

    Bailiffs impounded £60,000 of booze from a Tesco store

    The supermarket had failed to pay damages to a bloke who filled his Sprinter with Tesco diesel which was contaminated with water in 2003. £3,400 repair bill. Tesco admitted liability but only prepared to pay 25% so he sued Tesco for the full cost of the bill. Court hearing in December, where...
  15. Howard

    Xenons E class 2002 onwards £60 each

    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=10398&item=4548113958&rd=1 price is for each headlight apparently....... seems very cheap..... EDIT ~: check for ballasts , i can't see them on there
  16. kikkthecat

    £60 speeding fine ??? He wishes.

    I always knew the authorities had a low tolerance of law breaking motorists in Finland, I remember the father of a work colleague who spent 9 months as a labourer on the runway extention at Helsinki airport for drink driving, and that was over 20 years ago. But I heard this on the news today...
  17. Sp!ke

    £60 Sat Nav

    Just sorted out my in-car Sat-Nav. I bought a simple USB GPS mouse, connected it to my laptop, which is running Infomap mapping software. Infomap seems to be the only PC mapping software to give true voice commands...and so far I am rather impressed. The GPS mouse comes with...
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