1. BaldGuy

    XXX Michelin Cross Climate x 4 As new 600 miles XXX

    I have 4 x Michelin Cross Climate tyres that have done 600 miles... 4 x 205 - 55 - 16 £70 each New.... £200 for all 4... currently on some C Class alloys
  2. Abb

    Lorinser CL 600 V12 LHD

    Ouch my eyes.........:eek: VERY RARE MERCEDES CL 600 V12 FD1 LORINSER EDITION LHD CL55 PX SWAP | eBay
  3. ioweddie

    1:43 Paul's Model Art 1992 Mercedes 600 SEC C140 Coupe

    I'm selling this on ebay, plus lots more please cut and paste into ebay search: 302253078292 Lots more please view my other listings
  4. 1

    R129 600 limp home after charging flat battery?

    I have a 1996 R129 SL600 and I wonder if anyone has experience of the following problem. The car was garaged for about 2 months the battery was totally flat, not even a warning lamp. I could not open the boot but manage to find the main power cable up in the drivers foot well (RHD car), I...
  5. M

    S 600 Biturbo coil pack.

    Good evening all, My S600 biturbo probably need a new N side coil pack and maybe a new set of plugs! Orange management has come on [ checked as coil pack] though no miss firing yet. Where is the cheapest place to buy coil pack today? Thanks in advance Mark.
  6. french

    Sl 600

    I thought looks great & very keenly priced 2003 MERCEDES SL600 SILVER | eBay Then this ...bit naughty. https://selling.autotrader.co.uk/find-car?advert.channel=CARS&referrer=ATCOUK&reg=A6NSC&mileage=88796
  7. Sorry Pete

    600 000 mile w211 220cdi

    http://www.autotrader.co.uk/ With MOT history check:
  8. S

    R129 600

    An interesting one for anyone looking: https://www.gumtree.com/p/other-cars/mercedes-sl600-v12-classic-px-swap/1177689978 No connection with seller
  9. grober

    A drive in Elvis Presley's 600

  10. M

    Henrik Fisker Mercedes Royale 600 – Video

    From the article: The original Facebook post placed the monster Mercedes at Galpin Auto Sports, a well-known tuner and dealership in Southern California. It also turns out this is Henrik Fisker’s car. Photos and video - Henrik Fisker Mercedes Royale 600 .
  11. E

    Quest for 600!

    So after 4 very long months i finaly have the E55k working as it should. Im looking to break the 600bhp figure.... things currently done... EC HE Johnson Pump 77mm Pulley Remap (MSL) Running 440hp/530bhp with a bucket load of torque Things next Headers de cat (primary)...
  12. 219


    I like this Mercedes-Benz 600 Series | eBay
  13. D

    600 SEL 722.4 gearbox flaring between 2nd and 3rd gears

    Hi everyone, Another little niggle for which I hope your collective wisdom will have an answer: When cold, the gearbox in my 600 has started flaring on the 2/3 shift. By flaring, I mean that instead of revs tracking as follows: 0-2500/shift point-1000 I witness 0-2500/shift...
  14. D

    600 SEL disappearing coolant

    Hi everyone, In March of this year, my mechanic replaced the radiator, thermostat, water pump and a number of coolant pipes as preventative maintenance on the 600. Since that time, she's been slowly loosing coolant. At first, the coolant level light would only come on during/after hard...
  15. S

    Sourcing new fuel pump for CL 600

    2003 CL 600 W215 Hi everyone, After STAR diagnosis, the garage says the occasional misfiring is down to a faulty fuel pump. It's always been noisy so I'm going to replace it. Dealer wants £245 for the pump and £120 to replace it. he also wants to replace the fuel filter, but that was...
  16. 5

    600 Pullman - wedding hire?

    Hey all - getting married next year (!) and would love an original 600 Pullman for the wedding car. Not fussed on colour but white or silver would be my preference. Tried searching the net with little success, these cars are as rare as rocking horse poo so not surprised... Any advice would...
  17. KillerHERTZ

    BRABUS Mercedes-Maybach 900 - 217Mph...!

    BRABUS refines the new Mercedes-Maybach - 662 kW / 900 HP, 1,500 Nm, top speed 350 km/h plus, high-tech forged wheels, sporty-elegant design and even more luxurious BRABUS fine leather interiors The new Mercedes-Maybach represents the absolute pinnacle of state-of-the-art automotive...
  18. N

    Wanted r129 500 or 600

    Hi Looking for a late 500 or 600 under 100k miles. Not silver. Would pay good money for the right car. Thanks Nick 07887 627 096.
  19. DanMorgan

    600 sel lwb

    Not to everyone's taste, but I would love one of these (bar the wheels). Love the number plate aswell! mercedes benz 600 SEL 1992 V12 long wheelbase | eBay
  20. jaymanek

    Just a little Runaround

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