1. W

    Are 60K miles on a 2012 used car too many?

    Hi guys Looking to get some opinions here. I am looking at a used C Class C250 from 2012 which has clocked 60K miles. Using the 12K miles per year rule I would expect around 48K miles on this under "average use". Are 60K miles too many for this one and should I look elsewhere or should it...
  2. Coggers

    2003 E320 Avantgarde. Only 60k miles. Mint condition.

    Selling my beautiful car. Hopefully this gumtree link will work. £5495 www.gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/mercedes-benz-e-class-e320-avantgarde-only-60k-miles-mint-condition-throughout-high-spec/1134997532
  3. I

    1999 w210 e55 amg low mileage 60k

    Selling my W210 e55 amg 1999 model, i have had this car for over 2yrs,it has low mileage of 60k, i have just put 12 months mot on it. The car has every extra. It has an cat and resonator delete.I have put a x pipe on it. Mechanically the car is sound. When i got the car i changed the spark...
  4. MD5

    SL55 @ 60k miles

    I've seen a 2004 SL55 with 60k miles for sale, and I'm wondering what may be imminent in terms of pitfalls. I know with these cars it's a more a question of when, not if on certain things, and will be enquiring about it's history later, but is there anything I should be budgeting for or mindful...
  5. c_200k

    My car turned 60k today

    Feel's like it's grown up now Got a quote for the Brakes, Disc's and pad's up front and just pad's at the back £1600 Fitted, there goes my holiday :(
  6. Gollom

    TMS - 60K service for W211 240

    Date 24th January 2013 Car: E240 Elegance W211 Work done - 60K service Ian Walker & team gave my car a good service which was overdue. All done well and no work done that was not neccesary. Also advised on how to cure a battery issue which was within my capabilities to do, thus saving me...
  7. martyp87

    W209 60k V6 Service - What's Involved?

    Well, my CLK has turned 60k so I'll need to and book a service at a local independant. I'm going to get the transmission fluid & filter changed along with the coolant on top of the usual. Already fitted 2x K&N panel filters and a pollen filter so they won't need touched. It's a 2.6 V6...
  8. Abdul

    MINT 190E in white, 60K, FSH

    As above, posting this up for one of my neighbours as he has no clue where to advertise etc. Hope mods don't mind.:cool: The cars completely MINT. I mean the guy bought it years ago (I think about 10+) and hasn't really used it. The car's a 1.8 Manual so decent on juice etc and has...
  9. BillyW124

    Fully loaded E320 60k on clock fully loaded price too

    Google Image Result for http://www.classiccarsforsale.co.uk/dbimages/0170366001245079860.jpg
  10. Sorry Pete

    Beautiful looking 1990 w126 300SE 60k miles - £1495

    I bet this will get snapped up pdq if it is as the seller describes. Man I want this badly... What's the big lumpy thing on the rhs of the engine bay? Alarm? ebay linky
  11. 540YMX

    E350 CDI coupe service costs 60k miles/3yrs

    Newbie here, have searched for this but not found any specific answers so hopefully someone can enlighten me as I have not owned a Mercedes before. Whilst browsing through some recent car magazines looking at the for/against comments about the various cars I am interested in I noticed that the...
  12. Goldfish11

    60K service on a Renault Scenic guess how much?

    Wifeys car is in for a 60K service. This is a minor service with an MoT. The service interval is a fixed 12K we do this each year so it gets one service per year. Anyway I cant believe the phone calls I have been getting. Minor Service £200 MoT £35 OK - £200 for a minor on a 1.6...
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