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    CDI 611 Timing chain tensioner (and HG update)

    The good news is it is possible to remove the cylinder head from a W638 Vito with the engine in the vehicle. I couldn't find this info anywhere before I started so I hope it's of use. Thinking about putting this back together, can anyone confirm that the chain tensioner need to be removed...
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    611 Cylinder head removal - so close

    Taken out 12x head bolts, the head is loose, and I can lift it 1/2 inch or so, but something is holding it at the rear. Seems like a thin steel tube is attached to the head (like a brake or fuel line) at the back, near the exhaust manifold. I need primarily to know how to remove it, and...
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    Remove intake camshaft 611 CDI

    Another Vito thread! - I've a 2003 108CDI I have removed the exhaust camshaft, and now need to remove the intake camshaft. I've been working outside in the rain all morning and my brain needs a rest. The intake camshaft seems to pass through a chain tensioner, and I can't see how to...
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    Bearing Selection for 112 and 611

    Hi, After reading the WIS I am highly confused about selection of crankshaft bearings with a slightly worn crankshaft. As it is the procedure for the diesel and petrol is different. To top it all the repair sizes of crankshaft for 611 do not have matching bearing sizes to maintain oil...
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