1. D

    S211 Nokia 6310 doesn't fit

    It fits the cradle and works but the doors don't close, they seem to hit the top of the handset. I don't know if its a 6310 or 6310i or if it makes a difference but I thought it was the right model. Anyone any ideas why?
  2. chubbs111

    wanted nokia 6310

    has anyonegot a nokia 6310 phone for sale please,just purchased an e320 cdi which has a hands free kit with a holder for a 6310.
  3. effbee584

    Nokia 6310 cradle from W211 to a CLS

    I am changing from a MY2003 W211 to a MY 2007 CLS. In the W211 I have a working Nokia 6310i fitted in an armrest cradle. If I remove the cradle, will it fit into the CLS? Are the connectors the same? The CLS is pre-wired for a phone but does not have a cradle of any type. I am keen to keep...
  4. M

    Mercedes UHI Cradle for 6310 & 6310i

    Hi everyone, I have a Mercedes UHI phone cradle for sale. It is in excellent condition and is as new. Was bought for a elderly family member a short while ago from direct from Mercedes but is no longer needed as car has been upgraded to a newer one with newer Comand and is not compatible. Will...
  5. drifting

    Nokia 6310 Unlock? Want to change providers?

    May be of use to someone, but I have finally given up on Orange after 16 years of poor service coverage, going to try Vodaphone as I believe they have the best coverage? Anyway, you may find this site useful for unlocking your phone from Orange, or any of the others for that matter...
  6. P

    Upgrade 6310 kit to UHI

    For my 2001 C Class, can anyone tell me if I can upgrade from the older 6310 fully integrated phone kit to the newer UHI cradle type kit. My kit alreadyhas controls on the steering wheel and interfaces with the Comand unit but I want touse a different handset and on the older kits the cradle is...
  7. R

    Nokia 6310 bluetooth

    ....Do these do Bluetooth data as well as speech as my parrot doesn't like my speech only O2 phone???
  8. S

    telephone upgrade for 6310 in merc sl55

    hi, i have just purchased a 2003 merc sl55 which i belive has a 6310 car kit, i have been to my dealer to get a car kit for a 6230 but have been told that it cannot be changed on the 03 model due to software etc. does anyone know of an after market kit or cradle conversion that will work a...
  9. J

    Help with intergrated 6310 in W210 please

    Hi I have just bought a 01/51 E320cdi which has an intergrated 6310 cradle, the hands free works fine and comes up on the Audio 10 ok but the buttons on the MF wheel won't control the phone the dash display says "not available". Do I need COMAND for the full intergration,another box of gizmo's...
  10. Simon

    Wanted Nokia 6310

    Anyone got a Nokia 6310 or 6310i surplus to requirements. I’ve just purchased a vehicle with a phone kit for one so might as well make use of it. Please PM me if you have one to sell. Cheers.
  11. Z

    Parts for Nokia 6310 phone

    Does anyone has a part list for a Nokia 6130 phone kit that need to be install in MY 02 CW203 coupe? Any help appreciated
  12. R

    HandsFree Car Kit for Nokia 6310 Wanted!!

    Anyone got a hands free car kit for sale please let me know. Cheers Ian
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