1. Timster

    Nokia 6310i For sale

    No longer needed - fully working Nokia 6310i handset. £45 Offers.
  2. K

    6310i pass thru?

    Hiya, did a quick search and obv. 6310i brings up some stuff. Didnt see this though I appologise if its in here somewhere and i'm asking repeat questions....but... If I stick a 6310i phone into my cradle without a sim installed, would I be able to use it as a bluetooth pass thru for my Xperia...
  3. S

    Nokia 6310i connection issue

    Hello, I have a 2004 w211 with command aps including a Nokia 6310i in Carole. All worked fine until few days ago when pulled the phone out for some reason and put it back, the com and displayed, phone not available. Anyone had such problem and I really appreciate your help before going to...
  4. guydewdney

    w211 etc 2004 phone cradle 6310i nokia

    Cradle as removed from 04 211 part number a1718200451 with working 6310i in good condition. Fits into top section of the armrest in the connector. 25 quid inc p&p.
  5. jeremy156

    Accessing phone antenna connection on Nokia 6310i equipped 2003 W211

    My E320 CDI has the Nokia 6310i telephone pre-wiring in place, working fine but time to move on. I've got a Viseeo MB1000 for BlueTooth, but my iPhone's reception is terrible on the move, so I've been in the habit of re-directing calls to the old Nokia in order to maintain a decent length...
  6. sspeed

    Nokia 6310i PLUS MB UHI cradle

    Nokia 6310i Mobile phone for sale. This phone is boxed with instructions and a mains charger. I bought this Brand new off eBay last summer for £140. It has had very occasional use. Also for sale is the matching cradle Mercedes UHI cradle part number A 171 820 04 51. This cradle came from my...
  7. N

    Nokia 6310i

    I have a W2004 2007 220CDI and use a Nokia 6310i and it works fine, recently I put my spare Nokia in the cradle, same one 6310i and Comand said no phone installed. Both work out of the cradle on Bluetooth in the car OK but one doesnt work in the cradle. Both have the same software version, all...
  8. R


    Hi all I have a Mercedes UHI cradle part number A 171 820 04 51 and a Nokia 6310i unlocked to all networks Mercedes part number A 211 820 17 35. If interested please see ebay link. eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace Thanks Ian
  9. F

    Nokia 6310i UHI Phone Cradle

    Nokia 6310i UHI phone cradle for sale. Good working order £30+ shipping. Nokia 6310i phone also available at extra cost to go with the cradle.
  10. allias

    Need s/o with W210 and 6210i/6310i kit.

    Hi guys Im looking for someone with W210 with pre-installed phone kit from Merc. Ideal if I could get someone with models before 2000 and someone after 2000 - please. Reason for that as I need to cross refrence parts for those kits but need examples of VIN numbers. I would really appricate...
  11. M


    Having just bought the car (W211), I was pleased to find it had a kit in it for the nokia 6210/6310/6310i type of handset. Being in telecoms I just so happen to have a 6310i which I use for work, dated yes but it's solid, reliable and the battery lasts forever. But, I've got an intermittant...
  12. A

    6310i or Viseeo for W211

    I have a W211 (02) that has a phone cradle in the arm rest. I understand I need a Nokia 6130i for it to work. Should I get one of these on eBay or go for the Bluetooth Viseeo. I have an iPhone at present but I'll be changing my phone soon. Your help much appreciated.
  13. franey

    Wanted 6310i

    as per title, if anyone has an old one that they would like to sell for a reasonable price please. Will buy or swap for any new mercedes parts. Thanks, Bren
  14. M

    Mercedes UHI Cradle for 6310 & 6310i

    Hi everyone, I have a Mercedes UHI phone cradle for sale. It is in excellent condition and is as new. Was bought for a elderly family member a short while ago from direct from Mercedes but is no longer needed as car has been upgraded to a newer one with newer Comand and is not compatible. Will...
  15. X

    Nokia 6310i cradle

    Does anyone have a Nokia 6310i cradle knocking around that they don't need? Just bought a CLK with phone prep but no cradle!
  16. smillion

    Leaving 6310i in the cradle - power drain?

    Evening all My car has pre-installed phone and uses 6310i. If I leave the phone ON and in the cradle, while the car ignition is off, will this be a drain on the battery? i.e. overnight Thanks. Marc
  17. Tan

    Nokia 6310i

    Hi I am looking for a 6310i for the car kit in my W211. I have seen the Viseoo bluetooth modules that are available, but for the amount that I drive, I can't justify the extra expense over just popping my SIM into another handset or just forwarding calls to another number. If anyone has...
  18. M

    Nokia 6310I Replacement

    I'm running a E211 with Command/satnav etc, linked to this is the full factory telephone installation, up until now, I have been using a multi-sim via Vodafone, enabling to keep the 6310i in the car, and have something a little more modern in my pocket. Vodafone have now stopped multi-sims...
  19. W

    .....another Nokia 6310i problem.

    Evenin' all. Apologies if anyone is getting bored with phone threads but I have searched high and low for the answer on existing ones. I have an 03 build W220 S320 Cdi. One of the option codes is '854' which refers to the car being capable of running a 6310i phone in the factory fitted cradle...
  20. 1

    W211 - and Nokia 6310i

    Hi everyone, This happened my wife on her way to work this morning... She rang out on the cars steering wheel controls, got connected and got cut off instantly, she thought she had lost signal for a moment. The other person then rang her back and they had their conversation, when finished...
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