1. B

    Audio20 6CD changer

    I have the above in my CLC200 Kompressor 2010/11which I am due to take delivery of tomorrow (15th April). I also have a Media Interface (not sure which model) 1) does it have Navigation (perhaps hidden) and how do I get to it. 2) Can the monitor take a retro fitted reversing camera.
  2. C

    MC 3520 6-CD unit

    Hi, Run an 09 320 CLK and wondering if the 6-cd changer MC3520 (part ref A203 870 3389) plays music DVDs (mp3 format) as well as normal CDs. Hope this is the right forum, and grateful for any opinions. Steve
  3. I

    Swapping to a 6CD multi player

    I have recently bought a 2012 CDI 220 sport that has a single cd player in it, because my last one had a multiplayer in it I'm thinking of swapping it. I have a few queries over what to do: How do I find out if I can swap it? If so how do I find the part number If I was thinking of getting a...
  4. G

    6 CD changer woes

    I have a C220 w203 2006 estate with the CD changer in the glovebox. Only had the car for a year. The magazine stuck in. Powered down by removing the unit and disconnecting. Reconnected, and the magazine eventually decided to come out. Problem now is that the unit says no magazine when...
  5. T

    W211 6-CD changer, MP3 compatible

    I've now removed my CD changer and am offering it up for sale on the fora for a few days before going to eBay. This is the pop-out 6-CD changer that hides behind the hazard switch panel on the W211. Part number is A2118706189, and is from my post-facelift car - one of the first facelift 211s...
  6. M

    eclass w211 6cd multichanger

    I had my radio Cd upgraded in the car to a comand system and am now selling the CD multichanger which which links to the headunit and goes behind the panel just under the headunit This is fully working and in good condition £75 +P/P
  7. Simon_M

    Sony CDX-T69 6CD Changer with cables

    From my VW Passat. On eBay now as I just need the space and it is a shame to lob it.... Sony CDX-T69 6 CD Changer with cables in exc condition on eBay (end time 31-Oct-10 20:57:10 GMT)
  8. R

    6CD (cartridge) MOST CD changer for sale

    Hi I have an A220 827 46 42 (MC3330) MOST CD changer, suitable for R230 SL (MY05->MY08) W203 C (MY05->MY08) W209 C (MY05->MY08) W220 S class, W215 CL class (MY2004 until end of production) I'm after £199 for it incl UK postage. I have a RHD W203 mounting bracket, and the...
  9. R

    6CD (single din) CD changer, MP3

    I have a 6 disk changer (the 1 DIN loader type, MOST bus) suitable for W211/W219 E/CLS, before Model Year 2009 W169/W245 A/B class, before Model Year 2009. W164/R251 ML/GL/R, before Model Year 2009. You will need brackets and fibres (all of which are available from Comand Online Ltd) to...
  10. T

    Audio30 and 6CD changer W163

    Hi All, I have a quick question about an ML270 with Audio30 and the Alpine 6CD changer in the boot - can it play MP3 CD's or even burnt audio CD's, or is it just normal retail audio CD's?
  11. Donza

    In Dash 6CD Changer - Plays MP3

    Either new/used. And preferably part number A2118703889.or any other version that supports MP3. Will pay decent money. Car is an 03 E320 CDi
  12. B

    Alpine CHA-S634 MP3 6-CD Changer

    Brand new boxed, with the Ai-Net cable, cartridge etc. Unused! £150+ postage
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