1. W

    Porter Cable 7424 Machine Polisher -£70

    Porter Cable 7424 Machine Polisher - used but in fully working condition. Comes boxed with backing plate and spanner. £70 collected from Portsmouth You'll also need a US to UK power transformer, this has two inputs and two outputs and is VERY heavy! - £15 Collected from Portsmouth...
  2. bibamus

    Porter Cable 7424 Car Polisher + Sonus pads

    Brand new 110v Porter Cable 7424 polisher and set of unused Sonus Das pads complete with Guide to Detailing CD from Autopia. Pad kit contains Flexiplate ( 5" velcro backing plate) Orange foam pad ( compounding) Green foam pad ( Perfecting) Blue foam pad ( High gloss polishing finishing and...
  3. mercmanuk

    Porta Cable 7424

    New porta cable 7424 polisher and sonus pad kit,with 110volt plug fitted bought but never used.£100
  4. Mambo

    Porter Cable 7424

    Seems I don't use my Porter Cable as much as I thought I would. It's only been used three times in the last year or so. Comes with a collections of pads and is in as new condition. Looking for offers around £120, or £150 with the transformer + P&P.
  5. Goldfish11

    Porter Cable 7424 Power Polisher to be available in U.K.

    A number of us have been beating up the U.K. importer for Porter Cable and finally they have found a way to import the 110volt version (which is without a CE Mark) So thanks to all who have put pressue on them. Problem is it may still be cheaper to import from USA but at least there is now a...
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