1. Vintage Racer

    Dull paint on a R129 - 744 Brilliant Silver

    Hi Guy's, Just been to view a SL320 (R129) in Brilliant Silver, but the paintwork looks a bit dull. I'm new to all this, but is their a way to restore its shine? Would a simple t-cut bring it back, or as it's metallic do I need to look at other options. Any help/advise would be much...
  2. merc85

    w211 2003 744 Avantgarde Front bumper

    Hi, Just before i sold my e320 cdi, i'd had the Original front bumper Professionally resprayed 744u Silver. £100 Collected from Harwich essex,
  3. merc85

    Mercedes Avantgarde 211 front bumper 744 silver

    Pretty much as new condition as was resprayed professionally a few months back. Mercedes 211 ( Silver 744 ) front bumper e class | eBay £120 to forum members plus £30 postage, or free to collect, May be able to bring it to any meets that are on.
  4. M

    Mercedes 202 Amg boot spoiler 744 silver

    Mercedes 202 Amg rear boot spoiler with brake light in 744 silver
  5. N

    WTB: Complete MB W202 or W210 driver's door mirror in 744 Brilliant Silver

    Just had my driver's door mirror destroyed by an idiot drifting onto my side of the road on a bend. I'm looking for the whole unit (or WHY) in paint code 744 Brilliant Silver that screws onto the door for a 1998 W202 C Class C250 TD. I'm pretty sure any non folding W202 or W210 mirror from...
  6. poormansporsche

    For Sale C43 Kit in 744 Silver

    Morning, Got a set of front and rear C43 bumpers and side skirts Complete with all jacking point covers and the all important long tow cover The front bumper has been resprayed in the not too distant past so is in pretty good nick and will not need respraying. Fog lights and loom...
  7. poormansporsche

    WTD W202 F/L Rear Bumper / Skirt in 744 Silver

    like it says, facelift rear bumper apron skirt thingie in 744 Silver or a complete rear bumper in 744 anything let me know Cheers Brett
  8. Lenny63

    C36 AMG Headlight Trims (Brilliant Silver 744)

    W202 C36 AMG Headlight Trims (Pair) | eBay PM me to discuss any interest here
  9. carat 3.6

    Breaking e300d s124 744 silver

    Going to be breaking this one very shortly, if anyone is interested in parts please drop me a PM.:) 1995 e300d 744 silver, with grey cloth interior.
  10. chilsta

    124 plastic trim paint code?

    Hello I have a brilliant silver 744 W124. It has the contrasting darker silver plastic panels, which seem pretty standard. I'm trying to find a paint code for that darker silver. Can anyone help? Thanks
  11. salesac1

    W208 O/S door handle IR part - paint code 744

    As pictured...not the little plastic lock cover (with key design), but the part that covers the lock mechanism itself and has the hole for the IR sensor. It easily prises off from the mechanism it is attached to. Must be a factory painted part in Brilliant Silver 744 and in at least good...
  12. S

    c250 td silver 744

    hi peeps i have a mercedes which i adore. and i am restoring her slowley. i have done alot of work, but need now help of the community. the passenger wing, door and rear door are rusted at the bottom corners, i will post pics later tommorow. im looking for a 744 silver, wing...
  13. Palmer

    W210 Colour coded door handles in 744 silver

    Will also fit W202. Say £55 posted?
  14. Silver CL55

    Bits off my old CLS500 (painted brilliant silver 744)

    Rear AMG (aftermarket but exactly the same as OE) boot spoiler £70 Rear OE MB mudguards (1 scuffed at the bottom but not noticable on the car) £70 MB OE chrome door handle inserts X 4 £50 MB OE black ribbed mats X 4, as new £75 Prices incluse postage. I am in Lanarkshire, Scotland. PM, phone...
  15. bobby

    W202 744 Silver Heated Folding Door Mirrors

    For Sale: 744 silver folding heated door mirrors Reason: I've moved to W210 mirrors, so my originals are for sale! Note: these fit W202 C-Class, W210 E-class Condition: Electrically perfect A+, cosmetically very good A- Included: 2x Mirror Glass, 2x Mirror Covers, 2x Mirror Motors Not...
  16. KillerHERTZ

    Sliver rear door handle (744) for W202, W210, W208, W163, R170...

    Ages ago I ordered a set of body coloured door handles from my local stealers. Due to a **** up with the order I have: 1x Sliver (744) rear door handle without chrome 1x Sliver (744) rear door handle with chrome - Elegance Both have never been opened/used and are brand new in the box...
  17. KillerHERTZ

    W202 Facelift rear bumper in Brilliant Sliver (744)

    Before it goes on eBay, I thought I would advertise it here. Its my standard facelift rear bumper off my Brilliant Sliver (744) 1999 Sport model removed due to my newly fitted C43 rear bumper. The bumper is in great condition apart from a small area of flaking paint that has been sealed...
  18. P

    what is option code 744?

    what is option code 744? (folding top fabric 5010, dark blue) on a w203 c-class amg c32? Thank you. ;)
  19. Koolvin

    744 Krew - Saw this

    Saw this and reminded me of SYM:
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