1. damiandavis

    E63 7G-Tronic Box - Signs of wear or normal?

    Hi all, still a fresh faced padawan to AMG's so probably this question has been asked a thousand times and the answer is "they all do that". I've noticed that the 7G-Tronic in my 2007 E63 is smooth on the upshift and slightly lumpier on the downshift. seems to be 4th and 2nd that i feel the...
  2. M

    2008(08) mercedes c63 amg 6.2 v8 automatic 7g-tronic estate met iridium silver

    Full Details http://mercland.com/car.html?id=3936 Mercedes C63 AMG 6.2 V8 Estate Automatic Vehicle Specs: General • Registered 12th May 2008 – 08 Reg • Three Owners– Last Owner Since 2012 • 69,869 miles only with Full Service History...
  3. grosser panzer

    7g-tronic slipping?

    My 2006 E320cdi estate has just reached the 100k miles mark, runs great and I love it. It has a full main dealer history and I want to keep the car for as long as possible. So I recently had the transmission oil and filter changed, although not necessary according to the main dealers and...
  4. U

    W211 E280 CDI Won't change gear

    I've got a W211 E Class with the 7G-Tronic gearbox and I'm having a strange problem. After a while driving fine, the gearbox won't let me select Reverse or Park. I can only select Drive or Neutral. When in Drive it changes through the ratios fine though. I only know there's a problem when...
  5. W

    W204 7g-tronic limp mode

    Hi all, 2011 C250 CDI 7g-tronic, facelift. Driving on the motorway yesterday at 70mph. Put my foot down, no acceleration. Tried kickdown. No gear change, no acceleration. Selected Sport mode. No gear change, no acceleration. Selected Manual mode. Tried flipping up and down gears. No...
  6. David404

    Auto Tranny service - 7G-Tronic

    Hi Folks Looks like I'll be in for a full service Inc Auto tranny and rear axle. Ouch... In terms of the Auto box what would an Indi do is it just oil & filter, flushing the TC or is there more to this? is there any advantage in taking it to a Auto Transmission specialist for the G/Box service?
  7. A

    Technical Education Mercedes 722.9 7G-TRONIC Transmission

    The film consists of 14 videos detailing the process of full dismantling of the automatic transmission assembly until the valve control unit, giving reference to the first clip in the playlist. Enjoy learning watch?v=42mruHPfH8U
  8. K

    7G-tronic which models

    could someone with more knowledge tell me where to find above gearbox in W204 and W212 models? thanks a lot!
  9. I

    7gtronic whistle when cold

    My s320 has a slight whistle from the gearbox when cold. To be honest it might have always been there but I'm in the 'it's got a few miles there might be a bill around the corner' mentality now so I'm keeping an eye on everything. There are no jerks or thuds, the gearbox is behaving...
  10. A

    5 speed auto vs 7G-tronic

    Dilemma! Still pondering a purchase of an Cdi220 S204 sport, just how much better or not is the 7G box compared to the older 5speed auto. :confused: Which should I choose?
  11. E270 Owner

    7G-Tronic Plus transmission info vid

    The oil development and gearbox upgrading info wisas interesting............................for me anyway. :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tfiowxUTBs
  12. A

    C Classe W204 Estate

    Hi all, I'm seriously thinking of buying a W204 Estate C220 or 200 diesel 7G auto. I need one car than can do it all. I'm favouring the 2012MY 125 edition. You know the "Facelift" last of the line models. Should I go for Sport or SE? Any great differences with comfort, style, dynamics...
  13. jeremy156

    7g-tronic in OM642 engined W221

    As referred in this fascinating thread: http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/engine/137448-7g-tronic-tiptronic-user-notes.html as well as the User Guide, the expected behaviour of the gearbox in Comfort mode is that it'll pull away in second gear rather than first. This doesn't happen on my car and...
  14. jeremy156

    722.9 7g-tronic starting in 1st, not 2nd

    According to the manual, my W221 S320CDI should pull off in first gear when in "S" mode and second gear when in "C" mode. Similarly it should choose from two ratios when reversing according to that selector. Additionally, it should change up earlier and change down later in C than S. In my...
  15. P

    7G-Tronic & Tiptronic User Notes

    7G-Tronic & Tiptronic user notes I had difficulty finding explanatory documentation on the subject (beyond what it says in the owner manual), so am sharing what I’ve learned in case it is of use or interest to others. My only experience is with an 09 CLS CD320cdi without Manual mode, so...
  16. Y

    7g-tronic badge for boot????

    Hey guys, Im sure i have seen pictures of this badge on the back of some newer cars and have been trying to track it down. My local Mercedes dealer (Jacksons of Poole) looked at me as if I had just asked for a gift wrapped Unicorn! Is anyone aware of this boot badge or even better, part...
  17. M

    Erratic 7G-Tronic behaviour

    Hi guys, I've read through some of the other threads about jerkiness between gears, but the intermittent fault I'm getting is altogether different. We have a 2006 C209 CLK 320 CDI Sport coupe which we've had for just over a week. The gearbox seems to suddenly decide that it no longer wants...
  18. T

    7G-tronic problem - Help

    Hi Help, I recently bought Mercedes E class 280 CDI, 2006, 160 000 km on the clock. I love the car, but I'm having problems with the 7G - tronic gearbox Here is the problem :mad: Changing gears up - Upshift Sometimes the car has uncomfortable up-shifting (jerk, push) when the car...
  19. T

    7G-tronic problem - Help

    Hi Help, I recently bought Mercedes E class 280 CDI, 2006, 160 000 km on the clock. I love the car, but I'm having problems with the 7G - tronic gearbox Here is the problem :mad: Changing gears up - Upshift Sometimes the car has uncomfortable up-shifting (jerk, push) when the car...
  20. gIzzE

    Anyone own the new E250 cdi with the 7g-Tronic Plus 'box?

    Just wondering what it is like, most important what sort of MPG are you getting? Hearing that the new gearbox is giving massive gains in MPG, dealer said his car was the 5 speed and he was getting around 36mpg and his new one with the new 'box is returning around 45mpg doing the same journeys...
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