1. N

    W163 ML 3rd row 6th & 7th seats with fixings.

    In black or very dark grey leather interior, these are the removable extra seats for the boot area that were an option. In less than 2 hours fitting time they will turn your 5 seater ML into a full 7 seater. They came from a non smoking 2003 W163 ML. Everything is in very good clean condition...
  2. brucemillar

    124 Estate 7th Seat Use?

    Folks Does anybody know, if you can use the 7th seat when the roller/load cover is attached to the back seats? I do not mean when the load cover is in use ;^). When the load cover is installed then the 7th seat back is not 100% upright as it rests on the load cover. I'm not sure if this is...
  3. MD5

    Silver Arrows, MB World, 7th August

    I was bought an SL 63 driving experience for a birthday present last year, and I phoned up today to book it for tomorrow (it expired three days ago, but they give you two weeks grace). I was hoping for 1 or 2 o' clock drive time, and 2 was the earliest they had. It turns out that they are...
  4. Pie

    AMG Basic Training – Hockenheimring & Affalterbach Tour – July 7th 2015

    Video link at the bottom if you want to skip the words and just watch. The engine start and revving you hear at the beginning is the C63S. ==================================================== So that's me just back from Germany where I took part in the AMG Basic Training package. The whole...
  5. D

    North Weald June 7th 2015

    Hi, Thought I would start a new thread for this occasion as the existing title is a tad misleading. After paying on entry, tell the next steward that you intend to run, whether you are or not. That way we can park together race side of the fence. If you intend to run, register straight away...
  6. B

    ml 163 6th and 7th black leather seats

    Up for sale is my rear seats just never use them in great condition comes with matching headrests 350 ono Can ship for 30
  7. Alps

    TRAX 2014 Silverstone Sunday 7th Sept

    TRAX time again, Time for another Club GTG, good turnout last few years To try and get a good stand place as always i try and arrange this early on website is Trax 2014 I will be organising a club stand again so that you park your car in the showground on display with all the other...
  8. sjmaxwell

    Bluewater meet 7th December 8pm

    Before all the Christmas parties kick in and before all the Christmas turkey/pud/mince pies fills us up we should have a last Bluewater meet up for the year! Anyone up for the 7th December 8pm onwards (Mercedes cars optional!)? :D:D
  9. Dr-Nab

    Cloud 9 cars meet at Giltbrook 7th April 2013

    Thought I'd post a few pictures from this today, I only went for some food then grabbed a coffee and noticed a lot of nice looking motors in a section of the car park so went to investigate further, here's what I found. The Mercedes contribution to keep it relevant: And for the rest,
  10. J

    Car SOS - Feb 7th 8pm

    Hi Everyone, You may remember me posting in here last year looking for nominations for an upcoming car restoration programme. Well I am delighted to announce that Car SOS series 1 will begin broadcast at 8pm on Thursday 7th on the National Geographic channel. The basic premise is that...
  11. S

    Eurocharged UK March Dyno Days 7th, 8th & 9th 2013 - Get your Car "Tuned by Jerry"

    The dates are now in the MBClub Calendar make sure its in yours! Get your car “Tuned by Jerry” :thumb: Comments and questions will continue to be posted in the following thread http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/performance-lounge/144140-eurocharged-performance-coming-these-shores.html...
  12. N

    W163 ML 6th & 7th Seats (3rd row Seats) brackets & Seat Belts.

    Two 208A grey seats with headrests, two side mounting brackets, the two seat belts for the 3rd row seats, the three panels which live in the 3rd row seats & stop all your stuff sliding under the 2nd row of seats & all the original nuts & bolts used to install everything. PM me for pics & full...
  13. A

    Woud the 6th / 7th seat option on a S210 fit an S211?

    I don't need 7 seats... However having the ML it was handy now and again. Couple of questions.. Would the E class S210 seats etc fit the S211? not just the seats but the belts etc. I guess the side panels are different but are the seats / belts? also if it did what about insurnace etc...
  14. M

    seat belt for 6th and 7th seats please

    hi there i am looking for a single seat belt (drivers side) for the extra seats in the boot in black for my w124, must have the plastic bit of trim that fits on to the interior roof and the bolt to attach it many thanks Michael
  15. M

    seat belt for 6th and 7th seats please

    hi there i need a driver side seat belt for the extra 2 seats in the boot. i had two supplied with the extra seats but one locked up and try as i might i could not get it working i need the complete seat belt with roof mounting thanks Michael
  16. M

    6th and 7th seats, seat belt help needed

    hi everyone so after several days spent inside my w124 estate putting leather in and the extra seats it almost finished, just got drivers seat and door cards. so at about 9 30am i started removing trim out of boot area, (i wont go into it as it was adrawn out affair with lots of head...
  17. ringway

    NW Cheshire GTG at The Dog Inn - September?

    Having looked at the NW and Curry GTG threads I thought it would be simpler and tidier to start a new "Dog" thread here. Wednesday 10th of August at The Dog Inn - Wellbank Lane, Over Peover, Nr. Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 8UP. LINK. We usually meet at around 7.00pm. All welcome and I...
  18. M

    6th 7th seats w124

    anyone know where i could get the 2 seats that fit into the boot floor in the w124 estate, i believe the colour is orion grey, although it looks black to me may consider full leather interior in black including the 6th and 7th seats thanks
  19. M

    looknig for the 6th and 7th seats w124

    anyone know where i could get the 2 seats that fit into the boot floor in the w124 estate, i believe the colour is orion grey, although it looks black to me may consider full leather interior in black including the 6th and 7th seats thanks
  20. R

    Fitting a 7th seat to my R-Class w251

    All, Since the R-Class facelift showed 7 seats, I have been thinking about changing the middle set of seats to have 3 rather than 2 seats (mine is 6 seats 2007 model). This would make my life easier as I quite often have 5 in the car, and therefore one always has to sit in the third row...
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