1. M

    8.5J all round on W212 2014 E220 - Help please.

    Hi, I am looking at a set of wheels, They are 8.5J all around ET50 Offset. They have 235/40/18 tyres. Will these wheels fit my car or will i need spacers etc? Thanks very much.
  2. T5R+

    245 on 8J and 8.5J Rims

    Need to refurb my wheels 245/40 x 18 on 8 x 18 Front 264/35 x 18 on 8.5 x 18 Rear and have the option to run my car on 245/45 x 18 on 8 x 18 Front 245/45 x 18 on 8.5J x 18 Rear for a couple of weeks whilst mine are away. Appreciate that the 245/45 are marginally taller and may foul...
  3. M

    19" BBS LMR reps 5x112 8.5j 9.5j staggered W204

    Hi for sale are a set of BBS LMR style wheels, less than 6 months old and got very good tread and condition. only the smallest little curb on the right rear wheel, can be polished out. all of the wheels are unmarked and kept very clean. Tyres are in exceptional condition and have 80% of...
  4. butler23

    3 18" x 8.5j mercedes monoblocks

    [/IMG [/IMG]] I have 3 18" x 8.5j et 35 5x112 mercedes monblocks for sale I do have the 4th but its knackered! Other 3 in really good condition. £40 each or £100 if all gone together! Located in Teeside 07474332217
  5. U

    Genuine mercedes amg alloy wheel and tyre 17in 8.5J and 2254517ZR tyre HWA2024000102

    Genuine mercedes amg alloy wheel and tyre 17in 8.5J and 2254517ZR tyre HWA2024010102 Here we have a GENUINE MERCEDES AMG Alloy wheel and tyre AMG part no is HWA 202 401 0102 17 in x 8.5j ET30 No cracks or buckles Needs a refurb Tyre is a 225/45/17 Z Rated with 3.5mm £65
  6. reggie musson

    CLK with 8.5J Wheels all round, what tyre size should I fit on the front ?

    Hi everyone, I need some tyre guidance. When I purchased my 2004 CLK 2.7 CDI a year ago I found out when I changed both rear tyres the AMG wheels were replicas and they are 8.5 J all round instead of offset as they should be. This would explain why the 225/40 tyres looked a little small in...
  7. Justin1600

    18 x 8.5J Monoblocks fitment

    Has anyone tried fitting 8.5J x 18" Monoblocks to a W202 ? ET47 Part number 140 401 0102 If so do they clear the inside edge of the wheel/tyre.
  8. X

    225/45/17 Winter tyres on 8.5J rims

    A quick question regarding winter tyres I have a spare set of staggered 17" alloys and want to fit 225/45/17 winter tyres. I believe I can fit these onto the rear 8.5J rims but is anyone able to clarify this? Thanks
  9. L_A

    what is the widest wheels on W210 8.5j front 10j rear (et31) is it possible??

    Would it be possible to fit 20" wheels on a w210 e class 8.5j front and 10j rear if so what size tyres would i use ? Been offered a set of wheels off a mate that he has taken off his S class just wondering if they would fit as the s classes look like they can take larger wheels.
  10. X

    225 tyres on 8.5j rims

    a) Can I fit 225/40 tyres on my 8.5J x 18 rims (standard tyre 255/35).... Reason...I want to fit winter tyres on the rear of my CLK without having to purchase new rims...225/40/18 would then match the tyres on the front. b) Is this advisable?
  11. swannymere

    Will 8.5j x 17 Wheels fit a W124?

    Got the chance to buy some R129 wheels that are 8.5j x 17 with an offset of ET25 fitted with 235/55/R17 tyres, will these fit on my W124 saloon ok?
  12. P

    Wanted 2 Adharaz Rear alloys 8.5j

    Hi, I am looking for 2 17" Adharaz Rear alloys 8.5j, they must be in very good condition with or without tyres... See added picture for alloy Please let me know i am from the UK so hoping for alloys in the UK to keep costs down Thanks Pally
  13. N

    18" x 8.5J for C180 Question

    Will the following wheels fit a C180 estate? - 18" x 8.5 J Wheels with 5/112 PCD and an E35 offset. - Front Tyres are 225/40 ZR18 Goodyear Eagle F1s and Rear Tyres are 235/40 ZR18 Nankang Ultra Sport NS II. Will I experience rubbing on the front?
  14. GrahamC230K

    1 x Genuine AMG 8.5J Alloy for Sale (mint)

    I have a single genuine AMG alloy for sale. 8.5J ET30 to suit a 245/40/17 tyre - ie the rear of a W202/W210 etc. The wheel is in need of a refurb, which I will have done, complete with Diamond cut lip etc so it will be presented in A1 condition, as new. No tyre. Style as below (but...
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