1. jeremy156

    8-hole alloys for W124

    Looking for a set of 8-hole alloys for use as winter wheels, so need not be in perfect aesthetic condition but must have structural integrity. Ideally 7J to fit 205/60R15, but would consider 6.5J to fit 195/65R15. Tyres unimportant as I'll fit new winter tyres anyway. Thank you, Jeremy
  2. Moth

    Mercedes Original 15" 8-hole Alloy Wheels - A Guide

    I've recently found and fitted a set of OEM 8-hole alloys to my S124. As usual, this little project turned out to be a bit more complicated than I'd expected, but I learned a lot along the way. So, for those looking to restore classic looks and ride quality to their 90's Merc, hopefully the...
  3. bh13coupe

    16 x 7.5 8hole alloys

    these are hard to find and will fit the w124 model eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace
  4. ss201

    W210 15" 8-hole alloys

    Thanks to our very own man Druk, I am now the owner of 2 of these alloy rims: M-B part # 210 401 0302. Size 6.5J x 15H2 ET37 Manufactured by "Lemmers" in Belgium for M-B. To make up a full set of four, I need another two. I would consider the same rim but with a width of 7J as don't...
  5. swannymere

    Mercedes 8-hole alloys x 3

    3 non genuine Mercedes 8-Hole alloys ET44 6.5Jx15 2 are in ok condition (the photos are being kind!) but the other could do with a clean and possibly a refurb, so open to offers. [email protected] Prefer not to post but willing to deliver within 1.5hrs of SO32 2QZ (South Hampshire)
  6. B

    Wanted - 15" 8-hole alloys for W124

    Wanted, one or two sets of 15" 8-holes for W124. Condition not important so long as they can be refurbished. Preferably without tyres. Sets of four or five Wheels must be 6.5 x 15" or 7 x 15" with offset around 41. They must have a Mercedes part number and be matching sets I can arrange...
  7. 300CE

    Mercedes Alloy Wheels Sportline W124 A1244011902 8hole

    Mercedes Alloy Wheels Sportline W124 A1244011902 8hole | eBay UK
  8. T

    WANTED - 8-hole wheels 6-1/2J x 15 ET44

    Hi, looking for a spare set of wheels for my S124. Looking for 8 hole original merc alloys 6-1/2J x 15 ET44. Ideally looking for a full set but already have one so will consider part sets and will be painting them so doesn't matter if they are rough and cheap!! Thanks Toby
  9. A

    R129 SL AMG 18in staggered split rims offered in return for standard 16in 8-hole

    One of the R129 SLs I am considering is currently fitted with the two-piece AMG 18in staggered wheel, apparently in excellent condition, tyre brand and condition as yet unknown. As a bit of an OEM stickler I would prefer to run the standard 8-hole 16in wheel. If I do buy the car, are there any...
  10. samannan

    Will the 8-hole alloys fit on my W126 500 SEC?

    Hi This is my first post, so here we go... I have some 8-hole alloys (ET34 8Jx16H2), which I would like to put on my 500 SEC. My current wheels are the Mexican hat type ET25 7Jx15H2 Can I put the 8-hole ones on my SEC? If so, any idea what size spacers and bolts I...
  11. B

    W124 15" 8-hole & 15-hole wheels wanted

    Mercedes 15" 8-hole & 15-hole wheels wanted, as fitted to W124 Must be original Mercedes parts and have a 124 / 201 / 202 (etc) part number. Must be 6.5 or 7" wide Condition not important so long as they can be refurbished. I don't need centre caps, bolts or tyres but can deal with them if...
  12. J

    17" Mercedes 8-hole alloys

    Spotted these on the Edition38 VW forum, but thought they might be of interest on here. Would have had them myself if I hadn't just bought some Ankaas! http://www.edition38.com/forums/index.php?showforum=50&prune_day=100&sort_by=Z-A&sort_key=last_post&topicfilter=all&st=75 :rock:
  13. B

    8-hole alloys wanted

    Wanted, 6.5 x 15" 8-hole Mercedes alloys, singles or sets. Condition not important so long as they can be refurbished Please email cars @ w124.co.uk or phone me Nick Froome www.w124.co.uk
  14. A

    w140 8-hole alloys on w124

    Been a few threads with this topic over the last couple of weeks. After two steel rims got ruined, I finally raked out the old set of w140 8-hole 'Amalak' alloys that had been sitting around for years and (thanks to Chris Murray of alloywheelsdirect for correct spacer and bolts!) here they are...
  15. 5

    FOR SALE: W124 15" Wheels (8-Hole)

    Hello, Original wheels off my 1995 E280. NEED REFURBISHMENT. Lacquer is peeled on each wheel and alloys are kerbed. Can be refurbished for cheap although I got offered some wheels with tyres and replaced them. I prefered the original wheels although didnt have time to get them done. Now for...
  16. 5

    W124 8-Hole Original Alloys FOR SALE

    Hi, My W124 8-Hole alloys are now for sale. They are corroded (some more than others) and would require refurbishment to make them look perfect. They also need a good cleanup with Wonder Wheels or equivelent. They are off an 1995 W124 E280. Removal due to purchase of new alloys. No tyres...
  17. S

    WTD: 16" 8-hole alloys for 129 SL / W124 500E

    Hi, Just got myself a W124 500E and I am looking for a set of the original 16" 8-hole alloys. I understand that these were also used on the R129 SL. Kind Regards Martin.
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