1. benz124

    8jx17 on a w124 merc

    anybody help me i have a mercedes 300d w124 dropped 40mm with 17's on it, not sure what the rim width is. anybody tell me if 8jx17's will go on this car according to tyre size? at the moment i have 215/45/17 on the front and 225/45/17 on the rear
  2. Doodle

    Brabus 8Jx17's on W202

    Well, thanks to Simon the C250 now has a spangly set of Monoblock IV's under the arches. However, as I expected the fronts are just rubbing on the arches. It is only on big bumps, but it is enough to make me want to change them for the correct sized rubber, and keep them to go onto the rear...
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