1. E

    Early '90s G Wagon - Ride Quality?

    What's the ride quality like on an early to mid '90s W463 G Wagon?
  2. S

    E-Class ... still considering buying it but is 2003-2006 much more reliable than 90s

    After a number of problems such as rotten wing and much more dangerously a rotten suspension perch ... I am still thinking about Mercedes E Class. Ideally I am interested in E-Class 320CDI Elegance but these being almost as rare as hens teeth realistically would be getting E320CDI Avantgarde...
  3. martyp87

    Thinking about a early '90s SL (R107)...

    Well, I'm not set on doing this yet however, I am seriously considering it... At the moment I have a 2003 Mercedes CLK240 w/63k on the clock. Just had it in the bodyshop to get the rear arches tidied up and back bumper resprayed. Overall it is in very good condition - well, right now it needs...
  4. SilverSaloon

    20 alloy wheel bolts for 90s merc

    hi i need a set of 20 alloy wheel bolts suitable for a W124. i believe most 90's mercs will use the same bolts cheers in advance! pm me if you have anything derek
  5. SilverSaloon

    90s SL facelifted to be a 2004 model!

    MERCEDES SL 320 SL320 on eBay, also, Mercedes-Benz, Cars, Cars, Parts Vehicles (end time 04-Jul-09 20:25:27 BST) looks pretty good. not sure its worth the price though....
  6. trando

    Late 90s V12 Biturbo E class estate seen

    Yeah right... Think it's more likely to be a 3 litre diesel. Someone with a sense of humour maybe? Or just a wannabee? Seen in Waitrose car park today. Car was also filthy inside...
  7. M

    AMG in the '90s - how ordered?

    Didn't want to hijack the various widebody threads with this Q: how did UK customers choose AMG kits/wheels for their brand-new Mercedes back in the '90s? (Edit: meaning before AMG was bought in-house) I'm looking at a W201 that has an AMG gen 2 kit and wheels that all appears to be genuine...
  8. C

    Rust on late 90s Mercs.

    My father has had 3 mercedes, a 96 C180 classic, a 98 C230K elegance wagon and currently has a 99 CLK320 elegance. The second two cars have both shown a tendency to rust. The C230K had a small rust patch on the corner of a door and around the tailgate handle and the CLK has bubbling around the...
  9. C240Sport97

    Anyone ever heard of a CL700 AMG from the late 90s?

  10. D

    Buying an early 90s 300SL

    Hi, I am looking into buying an early '90s (probably a 1992-1994) 300SL. I have decided that the 300 will be more than enough power and better on fuel etc. than the 500 and I have heard a few things about the head gasket and wiring loom needing expensive replacements. What should I look...
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