1. clk208

    Just serviced - 9300 miles now on countdown

    Took the CLS for its first service today at the main dealer. Very impressed, quoted price of £239 was what I paid and there was no £1000 list of additional advisory jobs. Came out sparkling clean inside and out and they used some nice furniture polish on the wood. Anyway, upshot is the beast...
  2. zubear

    blackberry 9300 phone and charger £65 only on tmob

    Blackberry 9300 for sale phone and charger £65 quick sale it only on t-mob and can easily be unlocked for £5 just do not have the time to get it done. the phone works fine but the case my need to be changed as general wear and tear. If anyone interested I can supply pictures.
  3. Gh3382

    Blackberry 9300 cradle UHI fitting. W209

    can anyone tell me what cradle will work with this phone I emailed comand online who said they did not do a cradle for this phone. The phone is a updated 8520 curve. Does any of the curve cradles work ? any help appreciated. GH3382
  4. I

    Nokia 9300

    Hi All, I have 2005 E270 with UHI connector in the armrest. How do I connect my Nokia 9300 to this? Any cradle available? If not, any suggestions on how to fit Nokia 9300. Thanks a lot
  5. marc777

    Nokia 9300

    Anyone seen/used the Nokia 9300. I have a 6310i and thought it unlikely that I would find a phone to replace it - it looks excellent. http://www.nokia.com/nokia/0,1522,,00.html?orig=/9300 Marc
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