1. WLeg

    Blackberry Storm

    Vodafone locked Dual Prosumer and Enterprise enabled. Never registered with BIS. Used for about 2 weeks, decided I hate touchscreen devices. Upgraded firmware to (latest, stable, vodafone supported version). Micro-USB charger USB Cable Storm 9500 handset Software...
  2. guydewdney

    SE P990 Vs Nokia 9500

    I have a 9500 on orange - and its carp - unreliable, slow, painful to use (about 12 button pushes to search for wifi hotspots - cant make a shortcut) and the bluetooth handsfree on my car (built in to the stereo / voice activated satnav / drive computer) is apalling - noone can hear me over...
  3. MangoMan

    Nokia 9500 Communicator

    Like New In Box Complete With Stand/Charger/Cable/Personal Hands-Free/Software Disc See Link To Web-Site; http://www.nokia.com/nokia/0,,54106,00.html £220.00 ovno. Reason For Sale - Bought Different Phone - PM for details
  4. guydewdney

    Anyone else got a Nokia 9500?

    any groovy stuff out there? I cant seem to find much - but wow - what a phone^h^h^h computer... faster than my first PC (150Mhz processor ;) )
  5. KillerHERTZ

    WANTED: 95-00 Merc C-Class High Level brake light

    Wanted 95-00 Merc C-Class High Level brake light, if anyone is down a scrappy could you have a look, otherwise anyone know the cost from MB? Cheers
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