1. Dizwen

    will C63 AMGs go the same way as 911 996?

    More of a used car market watch question really. Porsche sold bucket loads of 996 911. So many that the values dropped to the point that they became "cheap" and you could pick them up for 8-9k at one point. I know prices have started to rise but all the same... So, with the C63 being sold in...
  2. A

    2004 Porsche 996 Carrera 3.6 Cabriolet

    Evening all, I'm not sure if the link will work but I'm sharing this for my brother in law, thought it may be worth trying it here as he'd like a C63 to replace it so just in case anyone fancies his car ...
  3. spock500

    !996 S124 E220 parts or complete

    Hello folks, I have used this car mainly as a donor car for my other S124. The car has roughly 10 months MOT being driven here a few months back. Engine starts first time, silky smooth too. Box seems okay being although untested. Interior has been removed but two seats from old car...
  4. gunning

    My 996 project!

    The CLS is going so I bought myself a 996 911. Reason being after short ownership of one last year I loved it! I won't be in the country but I have a spare garage it will stay in whilst it's not going to be worked on! ( probably be used 3 weeks of the whole year) Plus the cls would...
  5. johnkyte

    !996 c250d Glow plugs

    I replaced two glow plugs today .Once loosened they screwed out with my fingers. Not stuck at all The biggest part of the job was removing inlet manifold to get at the job I am glad thats done.The warmest day so far this year
  6. The _Don

    Ph buying guide: Porsche 911 turbo (996)

    PH buying guide: Porsche 911 Turbo (996) - PistonHeads
  7. WLeg

    996 911 c2/4

    I'm considering one.......I work away 2 weeks out of 3 (Off-shore, Nigeria), so my mileage is down considerably.....the W202 is still a nice drive, but I want something that feels a bit special.....and the Mrs is not against the idea. Don't worry - the volvo is going, and keeping the W202. So...
  8. M

    I had a go in a Porsche 996 Turbo BUT....

    ....was surprised how "plasticy" and almost how cheap some of the switch gear felt! I was able to drive a standard Tiptronic version. The car was phenominal! It just handled like it was on rails and the power was unreal. I have to say it doesn't feel as dramatic as the Audi RS4 or CLS63, but...
  9. B

    SL55 or should i jump ship and get a 996 turbo

    OK just wondering if anyone here has owned both of these cars at any point. Car prices dropping have made both of these vehicles under 30k (Sl55's @27k 996 Turbos 30k dead) which means i can be really tempted enough to buy one. What are these cars like as a daily driver....fuel economy and...
  10. Howard

    Porsche 996 cabrio wind deflector

    Anyone got a 996 cabrio and need a wind deflector ? It is the folding type . Let me know as i have one.
  11. graeme73s

    Porsche 993 and 996 GT2 Professional Pictures

    Taken for a UK Porsche magazine two Saturday's ago. Hope you enjoy. Amazing what a pro photographer can do.
  12. nickg

    Porsche 996 query

    My Dad's 996 C4S tip (03 regn <40k miles) has had 2 instances in the last 2 weeks of oil lights coming on and warning messages on the dash that say "drive to workshop immediately" and "loss of oil pressure" (I am paraphrasing). 1st instance he turned the car off and on again and all was well...
  13. andy_cyp

    211 E55 vs 996 C2

    A friend of mine has been nagging me for ages now to compare these 2 cars performances, both from a standstill and a rolling start, all runs up to 100mph. So after a gtg on a pvt road of course i gave in.:devil: :D from standstill 996 gets a nose ahead due to its good traction but as soon...
  14. scotth_uk

    Anyone remember Steve (DMS 996 Turbo ) from Bruntingthorpe?

    For those of you that came up to Bruntingthorpe a while back for the track and high speed run day, you might want to cast your mind back to Steve - the Welsh bloke. Not content with his modified 996 turbo, he swiftly moved to a Ferrari F430. Bored with that, I have just heard that he's...
  15. stats007

    Porsche 911 (996) Help

    I'm going to sell my SL in the New Year and am thinking about replacing it with a Porsche 911 C2S. It's one of the only cars I can think of that has decent residuals and offers more than the SL in terms of similar running costs and reliability / performance. Budget is around £28k so looking at a...
  16. Maff

    Porsche 911 Turbo (996) v CL55 AMG

    Coming home tonight from the Torquay GTG I was sat in the outside lane of the M4 with the flow of traffic. I could see a pair of Xenon's two cars behind me and could just make out the Porsche shape. Traffic was quite heavy, however he started driving like a complete to$$er, cutting in and...
  17. nickg

    SL60 vs 996 C2 tip cab vs XKR cab

    996 C2 tip cab '00 regn 38K miles - totally underwhelmed when I test drove this car. Very pretty and a more comfortable ride than I'd expected, but SLOW. Can't believe how used I am to the power of the SL but the 6.0 AMG totally blows the porsche away, particularly at high overtaking speeds...
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