1. bob6600

    H1 H4 H7 bulbs from 99p delivered

    Found on HUKD Good to keep as a spare if nothing else, sold by ECP. Osram available for £1.99 items in Euro Car Parts Store Spares Replacement Brake Battery Clutch store on eBay!
  2. E

    10m ETHERNET CABLE 99p delivered

    Buy ESSENTIALS PCAT51012 RJ45 Ethernet Cable - 10 m | Free Delivery | Currys
  3. S

    CL55 Kompressor for 99p!

    Just listed my CL55 on ebay with no reserve! http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=281341360849 It's areal beauty but it's only done 2000 miles in the last year so decided to sell. Any questions welcome. Thanks Stuart
  4. 300CE

    Mercedes E55 W210 AMG FACE LIFT 70k miles & FSH no reserve 99p starting price

    Mercedes E55 W210 AMG FACE LIFT 70k miles & FSH no reserve 99p starting price | eBay
  5. D

    99p Start No Reserve W123 230 CE

    This looks nice; ;) 1983 A Reg W123 MERCEDES 230 CE Automatic Good Condition For The Year. | eBay It's mine and it will sell to the highest bidder, so why not have a cheeky bid... :thumb:
  6. michaelk3289

    got to be worth more than 99p

    mercedes e class w124 saloon leather seats - tan - front and rear seats | eBay
  7. W

    Lidl Antifreeze or Coolant Tester 99p

    Lidl Antifreeze or Coolant Tester 99p: LIDL plus the usual assortment of good and not so good motoring bits: LIDL
  8. tpwuk

    AMG Wheels BIN 99p!

    Mercedes AMG III 19" set for CL,S,SL,E,C,CLK,SLK etc. on eBay (end time 16-Nov-10 16:27:07 GMT) Quite expensive postage though!
  9. lynall

    S210 E55 7 seat 99p start

    Note gearbox fault:D be interesting to see what it sells for. Mercedes E55, rare 7 seater estate in blue/black on eBay (end time 29-Nov-09 21:18:56 GMT) Lynall
  10. aka$h

    R129 SL hardtop, 1day left 99p

    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/SL-Hard-Top-for-129-Mercedes-SL300-320-500-600_W0QQitemZ300013522594 Needs new windows, but its going very cheap!
  11. Rumble

    C240 Sport 99p

    Does anyone think if this got bid on he would actually let it sell? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/MERC-C-CLASS-C240-SPORT_W0QQitemZ4610796350 No bids as yet!
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