1. J

    finally! got a c200 on a 99T, let the fun begin..

    hi guys im JB and ive just got back on the road after I twisted my ankle pretty bad during footy, its been a long 6 months but just bought a c200 espirit in aquamarine blue and it's fully loaded! full grey leathers, eps, full electrics, 125K on the clock, mechanically great and the best i could...
  2. bobby

    2 questions for 99T C43

    Hi All, 2 questions for you experts: 1: Can COMAND be fitted to my 99T W202 C43? 2: Can Parking sensors be fitted to same? Any ideas of costs/ who can do this>? TIA
  3. bobby

    Should I continue 99T C43 MB Warranty?

    Hi Guys, New here so pleased to meet you all. I recently purchased a 99T C43 with full MB history with 70K on the clock (it's a beaut with 2 owners) I inherited an MB warranty which expires in May. Cost to renew is £950. My question is that should i renew this when May comes, or is it a...
  4. C240Sport97

    Low mileage C43 99T

  5. A

    99t S500l

    I am looking at one of these (220 Series) with 95000 miles and fully loaded. All seems to work OK Does anyone have any experiences or knowledge (good or bad) with these cars at these high miles? Thx
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