1. M

    Snetterton 9th November £80

    Great track for a bit of fun . Booked up for this too via a friend doing a group booking ,hence a substantial saving for an all day track session . Also noise is set at 105dbs for the louder ones in the group ;) . If anyone wants to attend let me know .
  2. ACID

    MSL Dyno Day 2015 Aug 9th

    Dyno Day Date : 9/08/2015 Dyno Runs £50 Per Car M156 Remap £600 M157 Remaps £750 M113 84mm Pulley and Maps £700 Diesel Remap OBD £250 Diesel Remaps BDM £300 A45 ECU Remaps £650 If anyone else needs anything extra please contact me on 07765 44 44 47 Acid
  3. Bryan Allman

    MB World - Sunday 9th August

    Summer is quickly passing by and perhaps time for another GTG at MB World. The usual format - arrive at the car park at about 11:00 - chat until 12:00 or thereabouts - coffee and wander around the showroom - depart when ready. All are welcome Mercedes or anything of interest :) Add your...
  4. S

    Eurocharged UK March Dyno Days 7th, 8th & 9th 2013 - Get your Car "Tuned by Jerry"

    The dates are now in the MBClub Calendar make sure its in yours! Get your car “Tuned by Jerry” :thumb: Comments and questions will continue to be posted in the following thread http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/performance-lounge/144140-eurocharged-performance-coming-these-shores.html...
  5. Y

    test and tune north weald 9th july

    well im going to try again too hopefuly be at this one, should be ok dont work weekends, normaly.Any way its £10 to get in and £25 to "test your car"1/4 mile test, longggg shut down aera, it was a runway in the second wourld wa>,Not sure how much boost mine is running? so may not be 360 odd...
  6. Rashman

    Bluewater - Saturday night, 9th Apr

    Hey guys, I'll be at Bluewater tomorrow evening with a couple of mates if any of you fancy meeting us. Cliff and Lopes should be in attendance too. :rock: 8.30pm, cinema carpark, 1st floor. :thumb:
  7. trapperjohn

    Proposed GTG Cheshire. Tuesday 9th of November.

    Ringway and I were having a natter and decided it would be good if we could have a final pint and some food before the festering season kicks in (he unfortunately cannot make Sheffield now) So I was up for a meet down his way. Anyone fancy joining us. The above day, at say, 7.30ish and by the...
  8. C

    RWTB 9th May - 1/4 mile

    North Weald Air Field (Essex) RWYB (Run What Ya Brung) event 9th May. It's a 1/4 Mile event on the drag strip and all cars are welcome. I shall be running my C32 AMG (slight mods) for a giggle :bannana: From memory it's £10 for spectators and £20 for 1/4 mile runners. Gates open at 8:30 am...
  9. M

    10p listing days 9th and 10th

  10. DR1VER

    NW/Cheshire GTG Wednesday 25 May 2011 at The Dog

    Hi This follows on from a previous post, just thought i'd make a new one with all details on. The meet will be on the 1st tuesday of the month at 7.30pm at http://www.camrawigan.org.uk/dbview.asp?Id=296 So the first one will be on the 1st of August. Look forward to seeing you there...
  11. Alps

    GTI International - 8th & 9th May

    www.gtiinternational.co.uk anyone going to this? I`ll be there saturday, I have some mad mates who will be there both days with their mental Veedubs.
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