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  1. P

    A/B Service mixup

    Hi all. I have a 2011 180 CGI that is still on main dealer servicing mainly for Mobilo life cover. My last service was 9000 miles ago in September 2015 and was an A3 service with brake fluid change, spark plugs and air filter. First of all they reset my service indicator wrong as it should be...
  2. MickyP64

    A/B Class Doors

    Does anyone know if the front doors of the B-Class are the same as those fitted to the 5 door version of the A-Class? I’ve read that the W245 B-Class is a derivative of the W169 A-Class and certainly many of the features are the same or similar. I’ve also been told by one source that the doors...
  3. MrT

    A/B Class Media Interface Cable Set

    Media Interface cable set for the facelift A/B Class with Media Interface fitted (comes with Audio20 CD-Changer/Audio50/Comand). Three cables that can be used to connect an iPod, USB storage device or 3.5mm audio source. Only the iPod cable has been used, the rest are unused in the original...
  4. Davo

    A/B services alternately?

    My W215 is pestering me for an 'A' service soon. I don't want to argue with it, as the 'A' service is much cheaper, but according to the service history, the last service, 13k miles and 16 months ago , was an 'A' too, and all the previous services have alternated A,B,A,B etc. Did the garage...
  5. mw_C32

    Roof Bars A/B or R Class

    Hello, I have a set for sale on ebay. Mercedes Roof Bars Rack R - Class B - Class A - Class on eBay (end time 06-Jan-10 11:55:41 GMT)
  6. S

    Amg pedals for a/b class- good upgrade

    -Listed on ebay MERCEDES AMG STEEL PEDALS A/B CLASS on eBay (end time 02-Oct-09 19:00:55 BST) -good for performing the 'official' MB Club upgrade. Matt
  7. S

    A/B class COMAND

    Anyone know whether it might be possible to fit facelift Comand in to pre-facelift B class. I know MB have a habit of changing protocols making this incompatible. Would Partspecialist know? Is this a job for Alfie? (Ps if you are reading this Alfie, can you retrofit a 7G tronic box to go with...
  8. Alfie

    Wanted: Flood damaged or written off A/B class

    I am looking for a written off or flood damaged A (W169) or B (W245) class car. Dont care which model so long as it has heated seats. Any more extras a bonus. If you know of the whereabouts of one, please let me know. Thanks,
  9. A

    Comand for A/B class

    Hello to everybody, I'm italian and I have a B 200 CDI with audio 20 and cd changer. I would to now if the comand APS model be6096 of c class W203 can be installed in a B class. I would to know it beacause the comand for A class (w169) is the same of the B , but I do not succeed to find (used...
  10. R

    Anyone with A/B class COMAND ?

    Hi, Is there anyone here (in UK!) with a new A or B class with COMAND - could you please look at the back cover of the manual and tell us the part numbers of the manual itself ?? Thanks Richard [ps, should we start a thread with MB manual part numbers, these are almost impossible to...
  11. R

    New A/B class service indicator

    My A class (brand new A180CDI) is showing 12300 miles to its first service, but its saying it is a "B" service. On my other mercs, it went A/B/A/B and B is/was expensive. Anyone else out there with a newish diesel A/B class (or even a petrol one) who is willing to look at their service...
  12. R

    A/B service light?

    I've owned my w202 250td(1996) for eighteen months or so and done 14000 miles approx, but have not had the "A/B service light/counter appear on the display. Can anyone tell me when and where it should be displayed as I was missing the handbook when I purchased the car. I've got to say how...
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