1. merc85

    Mercedes a140 vs Fiat Panda Insurance????

    Please please, We need help My daughter is learning to drive, We are getting insurance quotes. A140 1.4 2004 insurance group 10 (my wifes) although Daughter will be Policy holder on a Provisional Price £370 per year fully comp Fiat Panda 1.1 2003 group 1 ! Price £468! ?? yet this...
  2. B

    A140 Juddering at Low RPM and Loss of Power?

    Hi, I've got a 1995 A140 1.4 and recently the car has started juddering severely at low rpm. Even when i start the car something sounds seriously wrong like theirs not enough power going to the engine, the car is struggling up hill and even when i pull away from idle it's really slow but once...
  3. expat

    Is this A140 worth buying?

    Hi, I'm looking at a 2001, A140 with 89k miles. Manual transmission. Two owner. Current owner is moving to Rome to take a teaching position. In fact he's been abroad so much lately that he only put about 1,000 miles on the car in the last year. So it is in good shape and while he's...
  4. Andy730

    A140 - location of K3 starter lock out relay??

    Hi, My wife has a 2002 A140L and it has a problem starting every morning. I've fitted a new battery but that didn't help much. I've read as much as i can about the issues this car might have in relation to the starter motor, mainly from http://www.aclassinfo.co.uk/ I'm now trying to check...
  5. N

    A140 - Car Fob not working

    Hi, Sorry, i know this is somewhat of a double post i have looked through similiar posts but they all slightly differ in solutions so im wondering if the model makes a difference to that, i have tried a few things suggest but none work yet. i have purchased a 2003 A140 (automatic) and the...
  6. T

    Crank Sensor Replacement (A140 W168)

    I need to replace the crank sensor on our old Mercedes A140 (W168). I managed to get the old sensor out (just about) but destroyed it in the process as it was a VERY, VERY tight fit. Now I can't get the new one in as again, it's a VERY, VERY tight fit. I don't know much about these...
  7. S

    How to remove gear stick and gator A140

    Hi, I've got an A140 facelift model 2001. The gear knob has worn out and it needs replacing, can anyone to tell me how to remove the gear stick and gator please? Thanks
  8. S

    How to remove A140 rear light?

    Hi, I've got a mercedes A140 2001 facelift model. The rear light on the drivers side is cracked and i was wondering how to remove it so that i can replace it? I've had a look myself and i can only see an opening to replace the bulbs for the actual light but not to actually take it out. Any...
  9. R

    A140 intermittent starting problem

    Hi, I'm looking for some help regarding an intermittent starting fault with my A140. It is a 2002 A140 manual Elegance model. It seems to start fine most of the time but oddly when my wife has been at work for 6 hours finishing at 9pm the car won't start. When the key is turned all the way all...
  10. jonnyboy

    cheap runabout a140 manual with 10 mths mot

    All Within the family there is a bright red A140 classic that my brother in law has been using as a work hack for the last two years - prior to that I owned it, and prior to that it was our very own Leigh (EDZ649) 's partner's car for years. It has a big file full of history. About 170k...
  11. N

    1999 A140 Losing Power Up Hill

    Hi, please can someone give some advice with regards to my a140, i purchased it for my wife in December & have been on the motorway twice in it & everytime we go up a hill it seems to lose power (drops from 70 to 60) the car seems to run fine with normal day to day driving just seems sluggish on...
  12. J

    A140 starts first turn off key' then cuts out

    Hi all, new to the forum and looking for some help. wife has a 2000 A140 petrol, was running fine up to a week ago, now the car starts on the turn off the key as it should' but dies away after a few seconds, if you pump the fuel pedal it will keep running but cuts out when you stop pumping...
  13. Andy730

    I need a new metal front brake pipe for A140

    Hi to the group. My local mechanic was going to replace the rubber brake lines on my daughters A140 following finding that it had a split in it. The problem is that corrosion has got hold of the associate nut on the metal pipe and even mole grips can't get it off. This mean brute force is...
  14. C

    2004 A140 LWB Piccadilly. 65k Full MBMDSH

    Hi. Putting my A class up but not desperate to sell just not saving much running 2 cars over one and have a 202 nearly on the road if need be. 04 Piccadilly Top spec late model, LWB so practical with lots of rear leg room. 65k with full main dealer history. AUTO, A/C, front electric windows...
  15. B

    A140 avantgrade

    Buying this car of my friend and it's central locking doesn't work, any1 know how I could try fix this problem or have a link that could help me find a solution tony problem please Thanks in advance
  16. big_amg

    2002 A140 classic manual LWB

    Silver, 65k genuine miles, manual, excellent condition inside out. Current owner is second (lady). Cd player. Remote locking with 2 keys etc. Genuine looked after car. Recently had rear shocks replaced. Excellent runner only known faults are mileage meter back light bulb gone and srs light on...
  17. Andy730

    A140 top end engine knock

    Hi, thanks for looking at what is my first real plea for help on this forum. My Partners 2001 A140L has developed what sounds like a top end knock, or rattle of some sort, but it comes and goes, and bit like it's getting a partial but regular oil feed.. (or rather regular oil starvation?)...
  18. 1

    2001 A140 first post

    So I just got the wife the A140 auto with 40,000 on the clock so she can learn to drive. Seems to drive well with good gear changes. Is there anything I will need to look at or keep on top of maintenance wise.
  19. R

    A140 classic advice please ?

    Afternoon every one I wonder if I can get some advice please ? One week ago I bought my self an 1999 red A140 classic ,,, appeared to be in excellent condition inside and out lots of service history. Well today when I went to shut the front passenger side door , it didn't want to shut properly...
  20. R

    A140 Classic advice please ?

    Afternoon every one I wonder if I can get some advice please ? One week ago I bought my self an 1999 red A140 classic ,,, appeared to be in excellent condition inside and out lots of service history. Well today when I went to shut the front passenger side door , it didn't want to shut properly...
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