1. U

    A170CDi not starting

    All I did on my 2001 A170 CDI is change the seals on 1 and 2 injectors, (couldn't get 3 & 4 out) ran well before and I have fuel in the lines but it will not start, brand new Varta battery, turns over smartly but not a chuff. tried the old fuel down the inlet thing, still not starting! Any ideas?
  2. martyz

    puffing A170cdi

    Hi guys,just had my neighbour ask me to cast an eye over his sisters A170,it's making a puffing noise with evidence of diesel fumes coming from the right hand side of the engine.I suspect a leaking injector,but can't see where they are. I have said I can give him a couple of hours to see if I...
  3. wongl

    MB Auto Gearbox Controller/Tray for A170CDI A1683705506

    New automatic gearbox controller purchased from Euromerc about a month ago. This fits inside the automatic gearbox of an A-Class (W168 vintage) and contains the gear valves to actuate the required gear selection. MB price is over £1200 + VAT, Euromerc online price is £450, but I managed to...
  4. Howard

    Brabus D1 kit for w169 A170Cdi

  5. E

    W168 steering clicking

    I have a 2004 A170 which has started to click when turning the steering at slow speeds. The noise appears to be coming from around the glove box, but cannot be heard from outside the car or under the bonnet. What is causing this?
  6. 420SE

    A170CDi Auto 1999 / 2000 reg - how reliable are they?

    Hello gents :D Ever since we got the C220CDi Sport a couple of months ago, we've been looking at a replacement for our little Pug 106, which quite frankly is stuck together with sticky tape :D Very happy with the C220CDi in terms of MPG so another frugal MB is on the cards. Found this...
  7. P

    A170cdi clutch replacement

    My car needs a new clutch, a garage quoeted £380 for parts(clutch+bearings) and labour. Is this a very reasonable price? The car revs are high in the gears but less power.
  8. G

    w168 A170cdi - what injection pump?

    I looked in my autodata and it said EDC, eg a VP37/VP44 rotary injection pump, but that can't be right for a CDI? Surely it must be common rail? Also can anyone tell me if it's cambelt or chain driven and any common issues with this engine? Regards, Greg.
  9. A

    Sister inlaws new (to them) A class (A170cdi)

    Hello Given we have been so impressed with our A class and the use of space / runing costs etc My brother and sister inlaw decided to get one as they are expecting a little one very soon. Anyway some pictures of their new car. Our little one showing the space...
  10. A

    A170cdi (previous shape) Any Owners / recommendations?

    Hello My Brothers wife is expecting and their Golf a 3 door will soon be going. They have narrowed their choice to a few cars and one is the A170Cdi, ideally a manual LWB model. They like my wifes car and I have to say its been great in the 2 years we have had it, ours is a A210 LWB and its...
  11. wongl

    A170CDI Auto for sale

    Time has come for me to list our only Mercedes which we had owned from new:( (All our other Mercedes have been purchased second hand). The car is a Silver A170CDI Avantgard Auto (facelift) model with the full leather option in lieu of the sunroof. As we suffer from hay-fever, the air-cond...
  12. G

    A170Cdi - keeps stopping

    guys got an A170Cdi just changed the starter motor (engine almost out job..and 4 days of cursing) anyway, car now going..for around 5 minutes then stops... As soon as the battery was re-connected the cooling fan started up and runs for a time then stops and re-starts again.... had...
  13. R

    A class A170cdi gearbox problem

    my auto gear box is noisy and judders under load, it has a oil leak and i top up the oil level every 500m. i have been quoted 10hrs labour just to replace box and a small fortune for the box. any ideas.
  14. D

    A170CDI "Chipped"

    Hi all, After talking with an owner up in Cumbria who was very pleased with his conversion, I decided to get mine chipped (A170CDI 1999). I went for the “SuperChip” because there was a dealer locally. Well….. what a difference :D . It now pulls strong from 1100 revs. The engine seems to be...
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