1. R

    a190,1.9 petrol,ignition coil and fuel injector today

    Hi maby somebody have ignition coil and one fuel injector today car - mercedes a190 1.9 petrol engine i m in milton keynes
  2. T

    A190 W168 BAS/ESP Light On Automatic Transmission in Limp Mode

    Good time of the day! My girlfriend owns A190 2001 Automatic, BAS/ESP light came on last week and the gearbox went into the limp mode. (No letters including "F" are displayed). I took the car to the shop for diagnostics the next day, all faults were erased and the car was normal, however...
  3. Z

    A190 struggling to start on cold...error codes

    Hi Guys, I have some problems with the Wife's 2000 Mercedes A190, auto, petrol, when it is cold say if it is standing overnight in the garage it takes forever to start, it cranks over about 7 times before starting, it first sputters a bit on say the 5th turn, then on the 7th it wil start and...
  4. H

    ESP BAS Light on! A190

    I have a A190 I have the following codes in ECM and ESP I am using tire below front 205/55/R16 rear 195/50/R16 is the tire combination wrong? but i am using the tire for last year till now. recently replaced front left hand wheel speed sensor. p/s sorry i dont know how to resize the...
  5. sportedition

    Mercedes A190 Avantgarde - For Sale

    I've got my Mercedes A190 Avantgarde for sale on Autotrader. 2001 MERCEDES-BENZ A CLASS A190 Avantgarde 5dr Hatchback I bought it as a second car in November to see me through the winter as my other car is useless in the bad weather and I work in a rural area. The car is a 51 plate and done...
  6. R

    Identify mystery button - A190 Avantgarde W168

    Need help - this little button has been puzzling me for a while now. I imported my car from Japan a few months ago, but even the Japanese manual doesn't show the button :dk: (no, I can't speak Japanese :) but I went through the book checking all the pictures - the relevant one is exactly the...
  7. Aletank

    A190 ECU Failed

    My mate's A190 W168 ECU has just gone, The Merc Specialist has told him a new one is £1500 and all his locks would need replacing etc but he could buy the car from him for £500 and strip for spares. hmmm He also told him there is about 7 fault codes stored including MAF sensor -...
  8. gaz_l

    A190 automatic?

    Greetings, Citizens. I'm looking for a car to be used both by myself for going to work and by Mrs. Gaz for the odd occasions she gets behind the wheel. She has expressed an interest in an A class, which seems to work for my purposes so long as it's got a reasonable amount of poke. A W168 A190...
  9. H

    A190 First gear slipping HelP!

    Hello! My W168 A190 auto trans first gear is slipping upon take off :( The odometer reading is 57,000km. Problem not solve after replacing MB ATF and filter. Any solution ?
  10. H

    A190 Shows F on crank

    Hello, My W168 A190 Auto shows F for 2 seconds when I crank it then show back to P after that but then car doesn't start. This just happened suddenly. No fault stored in ECM, FTC, GRM, ESP What is going on o.O
  11. G

    Mercedes A-Class (2002) A190 Elegance

    Hello Guys, I might have an A190 Elegance with full leather interior and 51.000miles coming my way. The only damage to the car is the 2 off side doors are bowed in. Other than that the car is really clean. Would anyone be interested in buying it ... like this or repaired?
  12. Aletank

    A190 W168 Driveshaft - * WANTED *

    A M8 of mine NEEDS!! A Driveshaft, Front Drivers Side for a 1999 A190 Petrol Manual VIN - WDB 168 0322J3 12188 Reg - V36 OKL GSF,EuroCarParts, local Motor Factors etc don't stock them. EuroCarParts & Mercedes of Oxford / Mercedes-Benz Parts, Inchcape have given the part number...
  13. T

    A190 Auto gear change issue

    Around 50% of the time and random the gear will hang out to nearly 3000rpm (about 2800rpm) before changing (being froogle on the accel). Sometimes it's normal but even if set to 'W'inter mode it's the same. 1st to 2nd always ok just 2nd to 3rd and to 4th. Any ideas? Thanks in advance Tom
  14. MKG988

    2000 A190 Creaking steering

    Hi, My wifes A190 has developed a creaking steering, whenever you turn the steering you get this sort of rubber creaking sound in the car, quite loadly. There isn't any play in the steering, everything seems to be working fine, so I assume that its a dry bush somewhere. Can anyone shed...
  15. T

    A190 Gearbox Education

    Hi Folks! I own a 2002 29,000 mile A190 Auto. Recently it has started to hang on to the lower gears and behave slightly erratically. My service garage tell me that it is caused by my town driving (stop-start, speed humps etc.) and that the electronics of the gearbox need re-educating and that...
  16. J

    Is there any way to reset the engine management light on A190?

    My engine management light is on. I have a A190. Is there any way to turn it off/reset?
  17. J

    My 2000 A190 has lost power.... possible maf sensor?

    Hi, yesterday my engine diagnosis light came on and the car lost power. I could not accelerate cleanly. If I turned the engine off and back on again the car would drive ok for about 20 minutes and then the problem would come back again. Does this sound like a MAF sensor problem? I know that...
  18. M

    A190 Noise when in reverse

    Hi all Just after a bit of advice, when reversing our semi auto a class it make a horrible noise, a dry drone noise (bit like brake bind but its not that). Also when putting the car in reverse and putting the hand brake on it makes the same noise. However when driving forward there is no...
  19. V

    Low mileage A190 Advantgarde for sale

    Price Readuced: Low mileage A190 Advantgarde for sale Hi My Wife's A190 Advantgarde is up for sale as we have a new A Class due for delivery shortly. Details are as follows, we have owned the car for 3 years and prior to that it was a Mercedes Benz UK employee's car...they had it for 6...
  20. C

    A190 Oil Light

    Hi, Have an A190 that's been serviced and very occasionally gets a warning lamp on the dash reading 'OIL Hi' Is this just a case of a little too much oil inside her? Thanks Chris
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