1. dokalj

    W203 AMG Front O/S Lower Fog Light Bumper Mesh Grill (A203 885 16 53)

    As per the title, I have a used bumper fog light grill, which may fit other models and not just the 203? It does have a few scratches with usual wear & tear. This is a rare item and one which commands almost £100.00 at the dealer. I would like £40.00 plus £5.00 postage. Thanks
  2. U

    Climate Control Unit W203 (A203 830 18 85)

    I have one Climate Control Unit i no longer need taken from my C55 as i have now upgraded the controls. 100% working. £60.00 Delivered within the UK P/N: A203 830 18 85
  3. Y

    A203 Comand

    Hi, i am looking for A203 comand for my 2003 c220 cdi. All advice welcome. Thanks in advance, Jib
  4. J

    Comand 2.0 A203 827 52 42

    Hi Guys, I need a comand 2.0 without fitting. I need one which will allow me to connect up to the steering wheel. I have a C class 180 2004 preface lift.I think this is the relevant I would appreciate all the help I can get. I understand I can pick one up from Ebay for about £420 but I...
  5. Alfie

    COMAND for sale W203 C class A203 827 36 42

    I have a W203 COMAND unit for sale in fantastic condition. It looks just like new. The unit is in perfect working order and has part number A203 827 36 42. Includes GPS aerial. Interested parties, please PM me.
  6. M

    WANTED: A203 CD changer

    Prefer as new. Please email me to my message box.
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