1. merc85

    w168 a210 amg Any what to look for?

    Ok, i have these wild thoughts from time to time lol, The wife is after a small car to run about in to save the mileage on her "65" X-trail which is used as the family wagon. She is a little jellous of Brutus "my e55k" lol, I've seen a couple of a210's w168's for sale around £1,500 mark...
  2. c55

    AMG A210 W168 Evolution Sports Exhaust

    2003 W168 A210 Evolution A Class Sports Exhaust 2003 Genuine A Class, W168, A210 Evolution Sports Rear Exhaust box with twin Stainless Steel Tips. Removed from A210 Evolution W168 2003 LWB, can also be used on SWB W168s with minor modification and other W168s Support Bracket will...
  3. c55

    SS W168 A210 Aclass Evolution Exhaust

    Genuine A Class, W168, A210 Evolution Rear Exhaust box with twin Stainless Steel Tips. Removed from W168 2003 LWB A210 Evolution but can be used to fit SWB W168s with minor modification and possibly others. Support Bracket will require some welding to fit. Exhaust Condition is good and...
  4. c55

    A class A210 Evolution AMG Exhaust Rear Box

    A210 Evolution Rear Exhaust box with twin Stainless Steel Tips Removed from 2003 LWB A210 Evolution but can be used to fit SWB with some mods, and possibly others. Support Bracket will require some welding to fit. Collection from Buckinghamshire or NW London. £140 .
  5. rsvgreg

    The Wife's A210 LWB-Intermitant starter

    My good lady wife has had an intermittent niggle with her A210 for a little while. When she goes to start the car the dash lights all come on but nothing happens at the key. No clicking just dead. The solution she has employed is to put the car in gear and rock it gently, (she's only little)...
  6. C

    2003 W168 A210 auto - Sudden loss of drive

    Hey guys, been a while since I was last here. The previous post was about the gears holding in 2nd up to 3rd for a couple of seconds before changing up. That problem sorted itself out a few days after I posted. I now have a new problem. This morning, I was in a rush to get out to meet...
  7. S

    Mercedes a210 instrument pod

    Left the car over the winter , got damp inside A good valet removed most the mould , the only lasting problem is the mileage display Led. Only some of the digits showing Worked once when car heating was on for a couple of hours , but not again. Is the only remedy a new instrument pod ? Thanks
  8. C

    2003 W168 A210 Auto - gear holding in gear

    Hi guy, got a problem with my auto box on my 2003 A210 auto. The gearchange up from 2 to 3 holds in 2nd for a 3-4 secs before changing up to 3rd. Is this fixable with a gearbox oil change or is it unfixable? I'm told it may have an ecu, so could the ecu be at fault? Damaged gearbox? To add...
  9. C

    2003 W168 A210 - ESP/BAS and ABS lights on

    Hey guys, the combination stalk on my A210 couldn't flash the headlight, so ordered one from Euro's, took to a local garage to fit, and now the bloody ESP/BAS AND the ABS lights are both on. The guy that fitted the stalk disconnected the battery prior to disassembling the steering wheel, fitted...
  10. C

    2003 W168 A210 - Rear door speaker upgrade

    Hey guys, I've just ordered a pair of front door speaker adaptor rings for the A210, but the site only lists the adaptor rings for the rear hatch door, not the rear passenger doors. Does anyone know if the front and rear side door speakers are the same?
  11. C

    2002 W168 A210 - Chrome exterior trim

    To anyone else who has an A210, I've noticed mine has chrome trim other A210's dont. There are rings that go around the headights and tail lights, and the scoop of the door handles are chromed too. Were these an optional extra from MB or tacky aftermarket stuff? This is my car. 2002...
  12. C

    2002 W168 A210 - EML after opening airbox

    Hi guys, I have an annoying vibration from the airbox when the engine is running, which goes away if you press on the top of the box, so today I took off the lid to see if there is a rubber seal of something missing. Around the edge of the underside of the lid, there is a groove, but not sure if...
  13. C

    2002 A210 - A few questions

    Ok, heres are my questions, firstly, there is a hole in the line of buttons above the cd player. Someone suggsted it either be for heated seats, or should be just a blanking cover if no heated seats fitted. As you can see, there is a circuit board with contacts on inside the hole...
  14. C

    A210 servicing intervals?

    Hi guys, I've finally got my A210 back from the garage after some work doing for the RWC. I was wondering what this service A and B are. what mileages are these at? I ask because the car has no history, and I've just had the garage change the oil and filter, air filter, fuel filter and coolant...
  15. C

    When to change timing chain on A210

    Hey guys, my car is in the garage at the mo getting work done for the RWC which it failed on front top mounts, NSR shock, and rear pads. While it's there, should I get the drive belts done too, mileage is 77,139. Got no history. Also, what about the timing belt/chain? When is that to be done?
  16. C

    A210 - button missing and AC not working

    Hey guys, my A210 just got delivered this lunchtime, and is a little worse for wear. There is a hole with circuit board exposed where the line of buttons are above the cd player. It the the button right end/closest to the driver. Whats button is it and will it be easy to take out of a breaker...
  17. C

    A210 misfire codes

    Hi guys, my 'new' car just arrived this lunchtime, and had a EML on the dash. I have a Gendan GCR05, plugged it in, and came up with 2 codes/errors, and 2 pending. Faults - 1, 303, 01/04 2, 600, 02/04 Pending - 1, 303 3/4 2, 600 4/4 303 is showing as cylinder 3 misfire, 600 is...
  18. J

    wanted A210 towing eye cap

    hi, i looking for MB A210 evo rear bumper towing eye cover (silver) thanks Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  19. A

    A210 headlight setup

    Unsure if any one can help. I came to change my h7 bulbs on my baby a210 and noticed my full beam are h4 dual filament bulbs where as my dipped are h7 Every thing seems standard no cut wires or any thing, can anyone shed some light why it's a dual filament bulb, does it has a secondary...
  20. paulfnw

    A210 evolution

    Hi all, anybody know of or want to sell a a210 evolution, must be high spec. Roof hfs, concider anything
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