1. CLSMark

    Abandoned MB's

    https://youtu.be/hDonBqLW3tA Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Aletank

    Abandoned Dealerships With Stock ?

    Do you think this really happens ? Amazing Pictures Of Abandoned Ghost Car Dealerships - Gleems
  3. The _Don

    Abandoned enzo part of dubai supercar sale

    PistonHeads Headlines - Abandoned Enzo part of Dubai supercar sale
  4. bpsorrel

    Abandoned exotics!

    Note the SLR around 3.25... :( AMAZING!!! Real exotic cars totally abandoned!! - YouTube!
  5. M

    Abandoned BMW dealership

    Not sure whether this has been mentioned before, but I wonder if there could also be a mothballed Mercedes-Benz dealership somewhere, just waiting to be discovered... Why was this Oakville BMW dealership abandoned in 1988 with cars inside? — Autoblog Canada Citation Motors, update on...
  6. G

    The world's ten creepiest abandoned cities

    I just stumbled across these and I've actually been to one of them! Have any of you visited any of the listed? Or have some better suggestions? Some of them are tempting to get to visit... The world's ten creepiest abandoned cities
  7. npuk

    Abandoned ford rs200

    CAR LIFE>> ABANDONED FORD RS200 - Speedhunters And a BMW M5 it looks like next to it. Shame someone could just forget about these cars.
  8. KillerHERTZ

    Abandoned XJ220 in Qatar

    Imagine if this had been in England? it would have lasted about 11 minutes before it was nicked/torched :D Edit: How come the tyres arent flat?!?
  9. Sp!ke

    Spotted abandoned 201 2.3-16

    Yesterday, in a back street near me I spotted a rather nice looking 190 in silver with a full bodykit. Didnt look like it had been moved in a while and it had no number plates fitted and a tax disk expiring end of October. On the windscreen, written in what appeared to be lipstick was a note...
  10. Satch

    The Abandoned Soldier

    Every so often you come across something that is so astonishing and moving it makes you stop and think: why have they had to do that?? Well that happened to me when I was told a story of how a group of ex soldiers, utterly fed up with their appalling treatment, had staged a "protest" in...
  11. Satch

    Abandoned vehicles

    Remember all the spin about improving the social fabric by removing abandoned vehicles? Now there was I thinking that this POS dumped 50 yards from my front gate would be a qualifier. Been there for 10 days now and has been vandalised in the meantime. Reported it a number of times last week to...
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