1. SmartMAC

    Moving abroad for a couple of years. Storing the car

    We are thinking to move to Dubai for a couple of years for a change. We don't intend to rent the house or sell the Merc until we know what we are doing long term but as I don't have a garage I don't know what to do with the car. I really don't want to sell it but I can't just leave it outside...
  2. S

    GLC Driving Abroad

    Hi All, I have a 2016 GLC AMG with standard lighting, Mercedes call it LED High Perfomance Headlamps I am absolutely stumped by the owners manual...... For driving abroad it says that no changes are required for halogen headlights, it also says that the car has ILS they can be changed...
  3. markjay

    Insuring a car abroad

    We have a car in Italy which we have just taken ownership of. We are having difficulties getting it insured in Italy because the local insurance companies do not recognise my wife's UK NCD, thus quoting for new driver's prices which are very high. Any idea if there is a UK insurer who will...
  4. HotJambalaya

    Buying abroad? (EU)

    Just wondering about this, while day dreaming about a G Wagen £87995 here otr £63900 in europe (not sure if thats otr) Firstly, how are MB with letting you order a RHD car in europe? Secondly, how would it work in practise? I found an interesting post on another forum, but didn't quite...
  5. Pitts Pilot

    How much safer is driving a LHD car abroad?

    How important, or how useful is it, to have a left hand drive car in, say, France? I spend 50% of my time driving on the right hand side of the road, and its only an issue because I have a UK SL350 that has the ability to overtake slower traffic. The problem is obvious, I have to pull out...
  6. clk208

    Phone stolen on trip abroad - insurance fun and games

    Had my phone (iPhone 4s) stolen yesterday on a short European trip. The phone was stolen when I was in Hungary and it was quite a challenge indeed to get a police report. Anyway I persisted and have a crime report/reference number after wasting many hours. On viewing my Travel Insurance...
  7. Dieselman

    Registering cars from abroad

    Does anyone have experience of registering cars from abroad? I suspect that if the car arrives complete it's not too difficult, probably no more so than re-registering the one I bought that had been declared scrapped...but what if it arrives with no engine?
  8. T

    Driving Abroad - Headlights?

    I have a facelift E series on order. It will have the new standard fit partial LED headlamps. I'm thinking about a trip to the continent, but I'm sure things have changed since the days when you painted the lenses yellow and stuck beam deflectors on the front. Does anyone know what's the...
  9. P

    Driving abroad with xenons and leds

    Hi, I have a New B class sport with xenon and LED lights. Can any one help please with: 1 adjusting the xenons for driving on the left 2 carrying a spare set of blubs Thank you Peter
  10. jeffwebb

    Ex Pats and those Abroad.

    Just a quick heads up for anyone, like me, who hadn't noticed that ECP now ship abroad. Car parts in Spain are eye wateringly expensive, just saved myself 100E on a MAF.:bannana::bannana: Regards, Jeff.
  11. mw_C32

    Using mobile phone abroad!!

    I'm off to Cuba in a few weeks for a holiday but still need to stay in touch, calls to and from Cuba seem to be quite expensive so does any one know if i divert my phone to uk landline (office) before i go can i still receive text messages whilst abroad? I've already tried diverting the calls...
  12. I

    Mobile Wi-Fi Abroad

    Over the weekend the wife and I booked a week away in Zante. Rather than get well and truly shafted by the mobile companies for using Internet abroad I'm looking into taking my own mobile WI-Fi device. I've already got one of these...
  13. verytalldave

    SatNav use abroad

    Radar detectors in France | AA Be aware that in France it is now illegal to USE or OWN a satnav with radar speed trap detection capabilities - whether you are using it or not. Just the fact of having one in your car is illegal. So be aware when driving abroad this summer. See link...
  14. dokalj

    Parts from abroad?

    Hi all, I am on the hunt to locate some suspension components and was wondering how confident the panel would be in purchasing parts from abroad, which are all genuine and have the same part numbers. I would like to point out, when I say abroad it excludes Germany. My only worry is parts of...
  15. Spinal

    Driving Abroad on a Cat D Vehicle

    A question... I finally got my answer regarding annual CPC training for a cat D license... while needed if you plan on driving a bus for money (reward), if you're driving yourself & family you don't need to do the CPC anually... That said, does anyone know what the regs are around driving...
  16. J

    Using COMAND satnav abroad

    Hello I am taking the car to France next week and can't figure out how to set the satnav up for for addresses on the continent. Does it automatically change to a European map when I cross the channel or should I do something first of all? Cheers.
  17. J

    Mobile Broadband Sim abroad - Turkey

    Was planning on taking the iPad to turkey this year and was hoping to get a Turkish sim card for my mobile broadband wifi dongle that isnt sim locked as the costs to use the current provider (Three) are unbelievable. Has anyone purchased a sim in turkey to use for mobile broadband? I do...
  18. F

    W203 Facelift C Class lights abroad

    I have heard that there is a switch/lever to modify the headlamp beam for driving abroad and I am hoping that someone can help. I am going to France shortly and hoping I can avoid using those stickon beam modifiers. My car is a 2007 W203 with non bi-xenon lights (clear lense)
  19. R

    Buying an engagement ring - advice - home or abroad?

    Hi, I'm thinking of buying an engagement ring in the next few months. I'll be doing it in secret, and i have a good idea what she's after. But it is a BIG purchase and I want to know what the hell I'm doing...so need some advice! Please. I was thinking of heading to Tiffany/De Beers to get...
  20. C

    Parts from abroad

    on the look out for a replacement ECU and as Merc want £1500 I thought I would look for a second hand one. Now I have found one in the US with the same part and bosch number, will this be ok? I understand it will need programming with the Star to match my car. :)
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