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    ABS/ESP/BAS- Visit workshop!

    Hello guys. I'm the owner of a MercedesBenz E200 made in 2000, 85kw. I recently got in trouble with the ABS/ESP/BAS. So first when it started to show after restarting the car it would go, but now it won't go ever. I checked the speed sensors it seems like they're fine. This happens when I was...
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    W210 E320CDI Headlights/Fog Lights and ABS/ESP/BAS

    I'm having a problem where the driver side headlight is intermittent. Sometimes it will work, other times it wont. When I bought the car a few weeks ago the front fog lights wouldn't work, and it states on the service history from a few years ago 'Front Fog Lights Inoperable'. However I tried...
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    ABS/ESP/BAS error warning

    Had a strange problem on my E220 yesterday, the warning lights for the ABS, ESP and BAS came on suddenly yesterday while driving back from the West Country. Brakes still working fine but the Cruise Control disabled itself, usual 'Get the Car to Garage' warning flashing up on the instr.panel...
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