1. ash59fifty-uk

    I've done the absolute unthinkable

    So, I've ran out of diesel. On the way to get a Jerry can How worried should I be? Car wouldn't turn over and just grinded to a halt. Tried to turn over once more to just get the car in neutral. Did a quick Google search and I'm reading about priming electrics pumps etc. Will it start once I...
  2. P

    W216 CL ABC Control panel, 20 mins left on eBay, absolute bargain of the century! Hur

  3. ioweddie

    We buy any car are an absolute joke!

    :crazy: Just put my reg into we buy any car website for a casual look! Now that has got to be a real con. Sept 2012 c220cdi amg sport plus saloon, black as new with 4600 miles, guess how much they offered. Your valuation of £14,590 is valid for 5...
  4. L

    Absolute Shocker Gearbox Gone!

    Had my gearbox replaced at 26k miles on my A200 Turbo, new one has now gone at 45k miles absolute joke, where will Mercedes likely stand on this now that the service and maintenance contract is up?
  5. billywhiz

    Rant: What an absolute pain in the......

    Not hard really - want to take the monoblocks off the 55 to give them a rub down, fill in a few kerbed marks, clean em up and respray & laquer them Easy I thought - bought all the stuff then off to my local tyre fitters as I want to do it tyres off - one at a time etc. the 16" spare does not...
  6. tpwuk

    An absolute belter of a CLK55 AMG (W208)

    2002 MERCEDES-BENZ CLK CLK55 2dr Tip Auto Amg Coupe Not seen any this colour before. 02 plate also. Cheap as!
  7. stwat

    Absolute Bargain Car Wash Kit

  8. P

    The absolute worse ad ever (nearly)!

    This will have them queuing around the block, I suspect his phone is red hot! (sorry not a Mercedes again!). 56 plate and new clutch (and Cat D) = thrashed to near extinction! Auto Trader UK - BMW M5 4dr SMG Saloon=
  9. Steve_Perry

    Absolute Power

    A brief history of the super saloon... The Power Game S.
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