1. G

    Wheel Refurbishment Co - First Aid Wheels. Absolutely Brilliant!

    Just as the title said - I couldn't be happier with the whole experience. I have used three different wheel refurb companies in the past (one less than two miles from me), and these chaps are by far the best, in my opinion. I went for a very keenly priced (particularly for an 18" AMG...
  2. MancMike

    I'm absolutely devastated, both our cars smashed up.

    So tonight a dirt bike stopped outside our house, guys came in the garden with an axe and a bat and smashed my Merc and her Insignia up. Pretty much every window, pretty much every panel. What will happen with insurance as mine is pretty rare, and I think they'd struggle to find like for...
  3. Screwdriver

    Absolutely stunning W123 230E - 15K miles!!

    280E W123 series. 14983 miles only. For Sale (1979) on Car And Classic UK [C645963] This one belongs to a MB lover!
  4. slippy

    Absolutely Stunning Mercedes-Benz SLK230 Kompressor 2.3 auto

    I have decided to list my beautiful SLK on eBay Please see item number 171293453734 for all the info on her. Any questions, please contact through ebay. Here (hopefully) is the link.. Absolutely Stunning Mercedes-Benz SLK230 Kompressor 2.3 auto Supercharged | eBay
  5. A160DSB

    Absolutely shocking!!

    I was picking my car up from Grays and on the way back, on the A13 there was a 3 car smash. Looked really bad. In lane 3. So i'm in lane 3 needing to move into lane 2 to get past the accident. Theres a guy, in a ford focus on his phone texting. Ive got my indicator on but because he was on...
  6. W

    NEW MAF for £30 gave me ABSOLUTELY AMAZING REULTS...5 minutes to fit

    Absolutely astonished with the improvement, car has never felt so good. feels like I have added 100hp and 10x to the response time. I'd been having major probs, intermittent at first but getting more & more constant with my 99 clk 320, 110k miles; **sluggish starts in first, especially after...
  7. S

    Absolutely no power going up hill.

    I have a 1993 190E 2.3 w/ 109k. It is in very good condition. This is the first Mercedes I have owned. The care seams to run fine compared with 4 cylinder cars I have owned. A little sluggish at low rpms (under 3000) but absolutely no power going up hill. You have to run at 4500 to 4500rpm just...
  8. C

    Absolutely shocking

    Women spend three years getting ready to leave the house :eek: Link ... and it gets worse: Men will spend a mind-numbing three months of their lives waiting for their wives and girlfriends to choose a handbag or try on that last pair of shoes just one more time.
  9. kbhogalW126

    Absolutely amazing drive and Scottish GTG!

    Folks. I think I had one of the most enjoyable drives ever last night! Yesterday morning I had my new Golf GT Tdi 2.0 litre DSG delivered. It has "drive" then you can click it left to use it tiptronic stylee or you can click it down to "S" which I think is Sport mode. Its amazing. I...
  10. Spinal

    Absolutely TOTALLY OT (nintendo related)

    Greetings once more! Once more I come to you for all my lifes problems :D I don't know how many games out there there are, but I'm hoping many. Anyways, this is my dilemma; nintendo made WAY too many versions of the same consoles, so poor collectors like me have a hard time figuring out how many...
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