1. Yugguy

    Shock absorber part number

    Hello all. I'm thinking it might be worth replacing shocks at the same time as top mounts. I need the part number for front shocks T12TYG VIN Wdd2040082a187940. Cheers.
  2. Charles Morgan

    Fitting a seat shock absorber

    My BMW M535i has 4 seat shocks fitted - two for height and two for backrest angle. All are a bit past it, the result being that if you try to adjust backrest angle the seat will simply collapse to horizontal. Not helpful on the move. I bought some replacements, and managed to fit the first...
  3. R

    W163 Vibration absorber

    Hi all Would appreciate any cautions / instructions / pictures to remove / replace A1632410047 Rear Engine support () please? My drive is Ml270 CDI - I assume all models use same part?
  4. T

    S211 2006 rear shock absorber

    Hi All, my E Class Estate rear shock failed the MOT. Has the airbag plus shock type rear suspension. Is their any alternative make of shock other than Bilstein which seems to be close to £500! I also believe it's best to replace the shocks in pairs so £1000 outlay would be best avoided if at all...
  5. mariuss

    Shock absorber clk w 209

    Hi every one. My shock absorbers in my clk w209 2006 they gone, any advice where I can get some decent ones ?
  6. D

    W210 facelift rear self leveling shock absorber

    One of my rear sls shocks has collapsed and I need a good non leaking replacement asap. My car is the avantgarde model and I believe they are different to classic and elegance models. I may be wrong and it could be ok to use elegance/classic shocks if I replace as a pair ? Anyway shocks on the...
  7. S

    W204 C320 CDI - Shock Absorber

    Hi all, First time on the forum.. Hoping someone can help me out! I had a broken spring in my 2008 C320 CDI - now it appears after replacing the spring, I need a new shock too.. It has an electrical component on the shock and the dealer is looking for over 500 for a single shock...
  8. L

    W204 Front Shock Absorber wiring

    Does anyone know anything about the electrical connections to the front shock absorber on a W204? In the engine bay I can see that there is wiring going to the top mount but does anyone know if there are any other connections to the shock anywhere else further down that might not be visible from...
  9. C

    What front shock absorber is required?

    I have a 2005 C200 W203, 17 inch alloys and sports pack fitted. Does anyone know what front shock absorbers I need for this car? Part numbers and where to get them would be nice too!! If I put my registration number into ECP, will they have the relevant information on parts required? Many thanks.
  10. W4E300

    Bilstein B6 shock absorber.

    Just going through the spares stock and I found a single Bilstein B6 damper for a W208 320.....and a host of other vehicles too I'm sure. How in Gods name I ended up with a spare I have no idea, but on the very slim chance that someone is one short(!) I'm open to offers....... Brand new, in...
  11. Bakili

    W211 Shock Absorber Replacement

    Noticed today wet patch on drive, just behind drivers side front wheel. After turning st/wheel on full lock noticed shock absorber all wet, looks like it is leaking from there. I know it is good practice to replace both shocks unless car is low mileage or shocks were replaced recently. My car...
  12. P

    rear shock absorber advice

    will a pair of CLK W208-96-03 shock absorbers fit my C250TD 96-- 2000 can get them cheap thy are new can you lads help advice welcome petemerc
  13. C

    w203 broken front shock absorber? Replace one or both?

    Yesterday my C Class was recovered to my local MB dealer because of a grinding/grating noise emanating from the front off-side. The reason for the noise was the lower spring cup being in contact with the wheel. The photos show one shot of the near side (with separation between the spring cup and...
  14. M

    W124 saloon SLS shock absorber

    Hi guys, I am after a SLS shock absorber (passenger side or both) for a W124 (pre lift 250D) in good working condition. Thanks Greg
  15. P

    Tensioner shock absorber

    Hi all, I have a little rattle in the mornings from my '95 300D and traced it pretty quickly to the top bearing-bush in the shock absorber of the belt tensioner. If you just apply a little pressure to it with a finger, the noise vanishes. It's generally quieter when the engine's warm too...
  16. F

    Shock absorber

    Wanted. One rear shock, for my (03) w211 E320 avantgared with sports suspension. This is for a tempory fix to satisfy the wife. I have spent far too much already, in her eyes. More important things :like bills: to pay for.
  17. L

    Shock Absorber Settings

    Hi guys, im new here so please bare with me. My car is a w202 (1994) C280. I'm fitting a Spax Suspension kit (Not my first choice but time and money was a factor) Regarding the settings on the shocks, can anyone give me advice on the best settings for my car. (clicks either way, front and rear...
  18. JonathanC250

    W202 C250 Belt tensioner shock absorber

    Hi all, I found that the shock absorber on the front of the engine was rattling quite bad, so i have gone and got one from mercedes, upon trying to fit it, the bottom bolt won't come out its a bit too long to be able to release the shock absorber :( Is there any way to remove this without...
  19. R

    CL55 Shock absorber

    Hi, I am needing a new rear o/s shock absorber for a 53 reg. Cl55K. Price I have been quoted is horrendous i.e. over £1,000 just for the part. Anyone know where I might be able to source one cheaper. Many thanks. Richard.
  20. E

    124 Series E250D Engine Belt Tensioner strut Shock Absorber

    Hi, I am a new member. I have a new shock absorber to fit to the front of the engine. I have removed the bolt at the top of the shock absorber, and loosened the lower bolt but cannot detach the shock absorber because the bolt is trapped behind the fan belt pulley. I have also released the belt...
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