1. roman82

    Best shock absorbers? For 124 ce sport suspension

    I want ask if any one knows parts number for front shock absorbers? Looking to buy only bilstein b6,b8???????I got sport factory suspension 124 ce 1992 SPORTLINE. Rear I got self levelling. So need just front ones.)

    Mercedes w215 CL500 SHOCK ABSORBERS

    As I have decided to upgrade to coilovers I have all four ABC hydraulic struts for sale. 100£ each 300£ all four collection- free (coventry) shipping 15£ UPS 24h express Any question contact me +07444965033 [email protected]
  3. K

    Monroe shock absorbers

    Expecting my shocks (dampers) to fail the MOT. From my youth I can remember the name Monroe. They are the cheapest of any shocks I can find (except Chinese No-Names), and seem to have a lot of history (starterd 100 years ago). Looking at around £75 for the W164, whereas OEM are about double...
  4. J

    Shock Absorbers for R107 SL

    Hello. Mercedes dealers want £400 for 2 front shock absorbers including top mounts. The listing below is on Ebay for 2 for £200. Though no top mounts are evident. That aside, would you think its a no brainer for the cheaper Bilstein shocks? Thanks.. Bilstein B4 Front Shock Absorber...
  5. R

    rear shock absorbers search w124

    Good people trying to find a non mercedes rear shock absorber for a w124 230TE 1988... my garage has been sent three and non of them fit! Any ideas? Thanks Rich
  6. F

    Mercedes E350 Sports Shock Absorbers?

    Hi I was wondering if someone can help please? I recently took my car into a Mercedes Indy and he told me one of my front Shock Absorber is slightly leaking (I inspected the shock - it looked damp, nothing serious - clearly needs replacing though). I completely trust my Merc Indy - used his...
  7. AkisGr

    1st part of CLS 320 upgrade.Need help.Comfortable Shock Absorbers and Lowered Springs

    It's time to start the upgrade project for my CLS 320 (2006 UK model). My shocks and springs already needed replacement but since i'm gonna lower it i'll need all the info i can get ,to achive the most comfortable riding combination. What lowered springs should i get and what shock absorbers...
  8. T

    Shock absorbers for cl203

    Hello there I have a 2005 C class sports coupe and I think the shock absorbers could do with being replaced. The ride has become harder and this has caused the dash to start creaking and cracking when going over bumps. Currently on the car are the stock shocks and I was unsure which shocks to...
  9. Dave Richardson

    Which Shock absorbers ?

    Question is does anyone have KYB shock absorbers fitted ? Which are best rear shockers Bilsteins or KYB ? :dk: Looking at replacing those on my CL203
  10. M

    How to buy good absorbers?

    I think I am going to need all 4 absorbers replaced (the car isnt too stable at over 100 mph and I didnt change them for several years. I am going to drive to Germany couple of times - want go over 120). How to save money on the parts? I see there are quite a few 'replacement' brands not...
  11. U

    s210 rear shocks absorbers

    Car failed its mot on leaking rear shocks but when I saw the price £285 :eek: :crazy:wow the price for each corner! Got a pair from ECP but are they really that expensive even when the car is what 14 yeras old..... I love the car and it's the 1st time i had to dish out money on it in 4 years...
  12. J

    ML W163 Shock absorbers

    Hi I have bought a 2002 ML 270 Cdi W163. I have searched this and other forums but haven`t found a concrete answer. I wonder if anyone of you out there who owns or have owned a car like this, have any experience with which shock absorbers gives the best driving comfort? When i got the car...
  13. L

    Rear Shock Absorbers on SL (R230)

    Has anyone replaced the rear shocks on a SL350 (R230)? If so, how much were the parts? Are there any other shocks available other than Mercedes ones?Are they any cheaper? Europarts only quote one at over £1100 !!!(not a pair)
  14. Benza750

    SL500 WDB 230 shock absorbers

    Hi all Posted this in parts aswell, Thought I would see if anybody has come across this problem. We have a customers SL500 WDB 230 It has failed the MOT at an another garage for excessive play in the shock absorber supporting ball joints on both sides. It has code 487 ABC hydraulic suspension...
  15. Benza750

    Sl500 WDB230 shock absorbers

    Hi all Thought I would see if anybody has come across this problem. We have a customers SL500 WDB 230 It has failed the MOT at an another garage for excessive play in the shock absorber supporting ball joints on both sides. It has code 487 ABC hydraulic suspension package. The shock absorbers...
  16. A

    w202 c230 estate shock absorbers

    I have a 1997 estate.Are the shocks on the estate the same as those on the saloon. Thanks for any help in advance.
  17. M

    Boge or Monroe Shock Absorbers

    Hey guys , i own a 2005 Mercedes c230 Sport. Lately my car tempts to drift on any corner, my mechanist said it was the shocks going bad. So after a market search i am going to have to chose between Monroes and Boge ... Whats the better choice ?
  18. astamir

    Shock absorbers changing

    Hi tried to change a suspension shock absorber on my C class coupe 2003 year, and it looks like I need a special key does anyone knows what tool is it and what it's called? Thanks
  19. jeremy156

    How long should the dampers (shock absorbers) in W211 Airmatic front struts last?

    I have a 150,000 mile E320 CDI with Airmatic. It suffers what I think to be a rough ride and is very sensitive to wheel balancing issues. I had the opportunity to follow and observe my car from another today, driving next to it I could see that the front wheels (especially driver-side)...
  20. B

    Shock Absorbers???

    I have just got in my E Class saloon (2006/64,000 miles) and as soon as I tried to turn left out of the drive I heard the front nearside tyre rubbing against the wheel arch. On closer inspection, there is now no clearance between the two There was nothing wrong with the car when I last used...
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