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    W164 sounds very dieselly under accel

    My OM642 engine has been recently cured of the smoking problem during idle. It turned out to be the valve seals that had gone hard. It was an engine out job and quite fiddly to do the seals without removing the heads, but worth it. I now have a new fault. Although it doesn't make the...
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    124 OM606 Stiff Accel. Pedal

    Hi to you diesel guys I have a 124 300D OM606, the car has a very stiff accel. pedal from over half way down. I've checked all linkages and cables, they're good. I have disconnected the injector pump linkage and when you push it simulating pushing the pedal, it moves nicely as it should then...
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    Irregular Engine Rev's Under Hard Accel - W203 C220

    Hi all, I'm just new around here so sorry if this has been covered before, I have spent an hour reading around but can't find anything that resembles my problem. I bought my W203 last June from a independent dealer after it had been passed to them by a leasing company. The car previously...
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    Lateral Accel Sensor..Where is it?!

    hi, just wondering if anyone knows the location of the lateral acceleration sensor on the c270 cdi (y plate i think its a w203?) I have the ESP fault on the dash and bosch code reader states a fault with the sensor. Now i've been doing some reading on previous posts and now find it may not...
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    When starting, is it ok to tap the accel lightly?

    Anyone have a view on whether it is harmful to the engine to tap the accelerator lighty when starting the car? This is only because lately occasionally I find the benz a little wobbly on the start and giving it a little tap helps smooth the starting. 90% car starts strongly and confidently, but...
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