1. 0-60mph :)

    0-60mph :)

    3.62s to 62mph in 49m!
  2. G

    CL 63 hesitation on acceleration

    Hello all ! Currently not an AMG owner, but was hoping to be this morning :wallbash: Long story short. Had a '60 plate CL63 amg delivered today (5.5l biturbo, 30k miles). Full MBSH. Looked great condition, but when test driving it, I could feel hesitation on gentle acceleration up 2k revs...
  3. E

    Judder under acceleration W164 320CDI 55 plate (06)

    Hi all, I'd appreciate your thoughts, please. My 126K ML undergoes quite a pronounced judder when gently accelerating/decelerating between about 20 - 60 mph. The tracking and alignment have been checked and all ok, as has the suspension and shocks. My local dealer suggests the problem is...
  4. 6

    Hissing noise under acceleration

    I have a c220 w203 on a 55 plate it's done 90k and I have a annoying problem.. when I accelerate I get a hissing air escaping noise which seems to be coming from the passenger side of the engine.. im getting a lack of power due to the lose of vacuum I have changed the intercooler pipe on that...
  5. S

    W204 Hissing Under Acceleration

    Hi there, My 62 reg W204 (48500 miles) is making a hissing / blowing air noise when I accelerate. I noticed it yesterday when I had the windows down. It's definitely coming from the engine and gets louder upon the speed increasing. The noise is not present when I took my foot off the...
  6. K

    acceleration problem

    Hi. I have an acceleration problem, when I start off the car accelerates ok, but once in top gear there is no rapid acceleration available. The car just very slowly picks up speed, I have to lightly depress the accelerator to get up to speed. Out of gear the engine will rev up to the red...
  7. M

    w215 cl500 dangerously slow acceleration

    My w215 cl500 has just started to have issues with acceleration...changed out the man sensor but the few posts I've been able to read on the internet seem to point to the accelerator pedal assembly and sensor. Can someone guide me as to how to remove the pedal assembly and sensor so i can...
  8. c180081c

    C250 coupe petrol - loss of power during acceleration

    Hi guys, Out in the car today and had to accelerate quickly out of a junction, the car progressed fine then lost all power it would rev however no power produced and struggled to reach 50mph. Pulled over and restarted the car and all is fine, no engine light appeared, has anyone...
  9. M


    I took a friend of a relatives out for a quick spin last night. He is a petrol head and big in the VW scenes (VWVortex), and owns a show winning Lupo GTi. He was asking how it performed vs an RS5/6 etc...So I thought well he can judge by himself from the passenger seat as he's been in the...
  10. S

    Slow Acceleration on CLK 230k (w208)

    Hello,i bought a clk some months ago ,an '02 CLK 230k Everything works fine,except in some days (maybe 1 times per week or 2 max ) I wake up and go to work in the mornings as usual,i start the car,it starts normally,no unusual cranks etc but when it comes to acceleration,its very very slow,i...
  11. J


    I have a c240 1998, v 6, the car seems to want to accelerate on its own if I hold the throttle at fifty mph for a while she will creep up to sixty if I blip the throttle she will stay there apart from this runs fine , hoping some knowledgeable member can help me.
  12. S

    Diesel Noise Acceleration

    I am interested in a 2011 W169 2000 litre manual diesel. Two queries - I appreciate diesels are noisier than petrol but is it really noticeable ? Would like a reasonably quiet car. Is the acceleration better in diesel than a petrol ? Thanks
  13. V

    CLS 320 CDi Knocking/Pinking under acceleration

    Under hard acceleration it knocks/pinks but fine if you do it gently. Has been hooked to a STAR -no faults- and the garage are bemused too! Bit of background is the boost pipe from the turbo came loose (suspect been off for a while judging by the oil residue everywhere) so I reseated it. Also...
  14. P

    Low acceleration on my ml350

    Not sure if someone played around with the settings on my computer. Not able to accelerate like before. Sent from my ONE A2003 using Tapatalk
  15. P

    Low acceleration on the ml350

    2011 Sent from my ONE A2003 using Tapatalk
  16. S

    E220 Cdi (W211) acceleration problem

    This problems relates to a 2009 E220Cdi (the model just before the model change that year) with 68,000 miles on the clock. A few months ago, after about 100 miles of country motoring, the car failed to accelerate although the engine produced increased revs. I was travelling at 50 mph at the...
  17. J

    190e Popping sound under acceleration

    Hello All, I am new to this site but not new to Mercedes ownership. I have a 190e 2.0 auto. I recently bought it and the previous owner advised that he replaced all the seals including the rocker cover gasket. He said it was running fine but on test drive it would not accelerate well and was...
  18. B

    Bogging down under acceleration

    Hi everyone. I am suffering with a problem. I have a 1998 s202 c180. If I apply anything more than moderate pressure when accelerating the old girl bogs down hard refuses to accelerate then when I come to a stop she rocks as if misfiring. I'm tearing my hair out (with tweezers, bald as a...
  19. MangoMan

    No acceleration...???

    Hi there peoples... Right, first issues I've had with the C220 CDI Coupe 55 plate Auto. All of a sudden tonight the car just decided to have no acceleration no matter how far I press the Accelerator, even to the floor, it will just amble along slowly picking up speed. There are no warning...
  20. A

    C63 coupe - acceleration clicking

    Afternoon All, New member here, I have been a member of a few forums in the past and about 4 months ago I purchased my dream car. A C63 coupe which I wanted for years after hearing the pace car at Silverstone in 2010. Turning to my mate at the time saying "I need that noise...
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