1. D

    2013 W212 E250 CDI Accelerator Pedal Replacement

    After only having the car for 6 weeks and it only having covered 29k from new with full MBSH and only driving it a handful of times, I am a little miffed to say the least:- Week 2 saw the EML come on and 'limp home mode' - suspected clogged DPF issue which disappeared after a can of snake...
  2. karozza

    SL 55 accelerator pedal.

    Think it's time for a new one! A year or so ago, while on STAR, it detected a fault in memory regarding accelerator pedal failure. I do remember occasionally losing power on a spirited run when flooring it to full revs. Then, either switching off the engine or while still on the move further...
  3. P

    delay with accelerator pedal

    Mercedes W204 C 180 CGI 2012 7 speed automatic, had problems with the accelerator pedal causing a delay when pulling away at low speed, mentioned it to Mercedes Benz dealer in York, no help ,so took it to Listers Mercedes at Hull , East Yorkshire, they were really good , diagnosed as the...
  4. R

    W163 ML320 Accelerator Pedal Replacement

    I reckon that this pedal should be classed as a service item in a similar manner to brake pads. My W163 ML320 had a nasty flat spot in the pivotal travel, causing either no acceleration, or Red Lights out acceleration once the flat spot had been moved through. Constant velocity was also...
  5. Grovsie31

    What is this attatched to my accelerator pedal?

    Not sure how to remove it.......... Never seen this before. It seems to hit a small button that goes in on it, if the pedal is right down.
  6. S

    240td accelerator linkage adjustment

    1981 240td automatic with the auto box 'flaring' between some gears. Before I go into the dianostics, I need to make sure the accelerator is adjusted correctly but I can find no diagrams showing my engine! I know that if is is too long or too short, gear shifts occur at the wrong time...
  7. StuA45AMG

    Accelerator plug

    Does anyone know how to disconnect the accelerator electrical plug on an A45
  8. F

    CLK 500 (W209) 2002 accelerator pedal (with sensor)

    Anyone know the best place for one? When I search ebay, they all come up just under the chassis code and year, but are they all the same? Even the diesels have the same pedal/sensor? Or are they just being listed wrong? Thanks
  9. S

    ML 2002 accelerator pedal.

    Hi I've just bought an 2002 ML 270d. Unnoticed under my big feet the accelorator pedal is worn & mover left & right as well the obvious 'up' & 'down' I've noticed these commonly fail but the Mrs will not drive the car while it's faulty. Can anyone tell me if it's an easy swap? I've...
  10. S

    Accelerator Pedal vibrates

    New C250 - new shape. Has been in to dealership and I have had discussions with MB Service Centre but both quote the speed limit of 70 mph and they cannot test it ! Car is fine at 70mph The pedal vibrates and sends a shudder up your leg at 85mph + It gets worse the faster you go. MB say...
  11. B

    W204 Sport accelerator part number needed

    I 've just acquired a C Class W204 which does not have sport pedals, The parking brake and the foot brake covers can be swapped from my old W203, as I think they look the same, but the accelerator pedal looks different. Thanks in advance
  12. mbenz1977

    w203 throttle accelerator pedal for sale

    w203 throttle accelerator pedal £40 call 07944594949 :bannana::bannana:: jpg.gif 1.JPG (159.6 KB) jpg.gif 1mnbvcxz.JPG (116.7 KB) jpg.gif FullSizeRender 2.JPG (197.8 KB)
  13. M

    W203 coupe hunting idle and no accelerator

    So, I've been fixing up a w203 coupe that had various issues. When I drove it onto my drive 6 months ago the engine purred sweetly and the gearbox seemed nice enough. At various points over the last 6 months I've started the car, had the battery on and off, recharged the battery after it drained...
  14. S

    Replace accelerator pedal on C180 2014

    can anyone give me instructions on how to replace the accelerator pedal in a C180 (not new c class). Have bought new pedal covers and discovered that it's the full thing for accelerator. Grateful for any help.
  15. 2Dougs8SL0

    Accelerator Bush

    Does anyone one know where to get one of these bushes from on the accelerator assembly, it's on a r107 280sl.
  16. PeterE320Cdi

    Accelerator Pedal from 320 fit 240?

    I have found an Accelerator Pedal from A 2003 CLK 320 on ebay for a good price, can anyone tell me if it will work on my CLK 240 and if it is a simple fit.
  17. B

    W203 220 Auto - Not disengaging accelerator on gear changes

    Can anyone help with this problem When the Auto box changed up gears it's not disengaging the accelerator, and it revs up by 1,500rpm between changes Like driving a manual and changing gear without taking your foot off the accelerator. I got told the gearbox takes a reading from the abs ring...
  18. A

    R107 stiff accelerator pedal....

    My accelerator pedal on my 1984 280sl is very stiff, given all the linkages in the engine bay a good dose of WD 40 but can't seem to free it off, any ideas guys. Cheers Andrew
  19. AGod

    Stiff Accelerator - '90 500SL R129

    I had the accelerator cable replaced a few weeks ago after it had stretched, and the pedal hasn't felt the same since - it now feels very stiff.. When it was first changed it was fine (light & very responsive), but then after 2 miles of driving it would suddenly go stiff, like it had...
  20. H

    W212 Accelerator Sensor

    Rebuilding a 2011 W212 front, came across this part (A172 905 60 00) bolted to the front bumper support, it an eccelerator sensor! So what is this used for how does/what does it feed back to the car? How does it work? Thanks
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