1. Herishi

    stutter on hard accelleration S211 280

    Guys just recently I have pulled out of a junction near my house and given it some welly so as not to make the car behind have to slow down and at around 3000rpm it had a severe stutter (like a learner at traffic lights lol) I could repeat it by flooring it again, slight acceleration is fine...
  2. D

    ml 320 cdi missing under hard accelleration

    hi all as above it started missing like it was hittind the rev limitor but was ok when it had been runnunig for a while and now it seems to have gone into loimp mode with no power at all any ideas atb dave:confused::confused:
  3. M

    Slight rattle on accelleration..

    Notice today that I can hear a slight rattle when I rev the car. Being the car hypochondriac that I am, worried as I've only had the car a few months.. Any ideas what I should ask the mechanics to check first? Could it be just an exhaust bracket? Car has done just under 69k and I read from...
  4. F

    White smoke from W203 C220 exhuast under heavy accelleration

    On my W03 C220 CDI I have noticed that under hard/heavy acceleration there is a puff of white cloud/smoke that comes out of the exhaust which I can see from my rear view mirror. Is this normal or is there something wrong?:confused: I know that black smoke means that the injectors are probably...
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