1. abecketts

    W210 Accessories

    I have the following available: 1x black leather rear folding seats (no seat belts) 1x estate loadbay plastic cover 1x luggage net 1x Merc roof box, fits w124 and w210 and probably a w211 Free to a good home or they go to the recycling in 7 days Location Sn104en nr Devizes
  2. abecketts

    W210 Accessories for sale

    As I'm selling my e class estate I have some items for sale Genuine Mercedes Benz roof box Fits W124 and W210 models and might fit W211. Box opens either side to suit your location. Boot Cover Heavy duty plastic boot tidy Luggage Net Clips onto the metal loops in the estate boot Offer...
  3. I

    Questions about a C200 petrol-servicing, accessories, etc...

    Been enjoying my 2015 C200 SE petrol with executive package for a few days now and had some questions about it: 1. The MB dealer has asked me if I would pay for a servicing plan, around £30 per month for 2 years which pays for 2 services apparently. Is this worth paying for? I have noticed that...
  4. A

    Where to buy accessories for my ml63

    As the heading suggests, is there anywhere to buy accessories to individualise my car. Maybe some carbon fibre wing mirrors etc
  5. Cyclone1

    New PCS Under Bonnet Cooling Tank and Accessories - 55k Engines

    New PCS Under bonnet cooling tank and fitting accessories. Consists of; PCS Cooling tank 5m 19mm ply hose 8 x 90 deg bend connectors Radiator cap for the tank Everything you need if you want to improve cooling on the 55k Engined cars. Provides lower temps and is a great upgrade for...
  6. Makdissy

    What kind of cool Accessories do you have in your Mercedes ?

    do you have any cool genuine gadgets in your Merc ????!!!! Here is one of my favourite :thumb:
  7. BenzedUP

    New GoPro plus accessories

    Hi I've had a GoPro for a birthday present last month but I'm not too keen on it, I've not used it. Comes with accessories, £40 32GB SD card and Jobby stand. £32 £95 plus £10 P&P - Bargain!! Cheers, Joe
  8. M

    Merc c203 accessories catalouge

    Where I can find brochure/catalouge for the Mercedes coupe 2007 genuine accessories please?
  9. M

    Mercedes-AMG Accessories for the C-Class

    Cool stuff From the article: The offer consists of an Mercedes AMG front splitter (€560), Mercedes AMG side-sill extensions (€790), Mercedes AMG tear-off edge (€350),Mercedes AMG rear apron trim with diffuser-look (€560) and Mercedes AMG additional rear flics (€220), with all prices...
  10. Z

    W205 C Class Sport Accessories to this forum since I just acquired a new C Class 200 Sport in Palladium Silver. Never owned a merc before and I came from a Mk 5 Golf GTI which I bought new 8 years ago. I had considered getting the AMG line but at the time saw the Sport in the Merc Showroom and thought it looked...
  11. Wayne Parley

    C Class Coupe after-market accessories.

    Been looking online for some new carbon bits for my car. Mirrors, boot lid spoiler, lower front spoiler..... 2 suppliers seem to stand out to me at the minute, CKS and Niche Conversions. Has anyone here bought anything from these guys that you'd recommend? Good quality products? Any other...
  12. Robbo Cop

    W210 accessories

    Hi all, Can anyone recommend a good online store for w210 accessories, i.e.: general and styling parts? Many thanks, Rob
  13. W

    Wanted R129 accessories and Designo bits

    Hi all, Looking for R129 accessories and also rare Designo bits ... Let me know what you have. Thanks
  14. Dieselman

    Optional accessories and value?

    Recently I've been looking for a replacement car and have seen a few in various optional guises. I saw a CLS 350cdi in completely basic spec, not even heated seats and no fold down back seat, which is a very rare (but desirable to me) option. On Tuesday i saw a C-coupe with nice spec. The...
  15. S

    Vito sport x accessories

    Anybody know a good site/place to get some nice interior accessories for my recent purchase of a Vito Sport x? I would like a centre consul as I have 2 seats in the front rather than the bench for a passenger, also any good ideas to fit out the rear as I don't really use it as a van
  16. AJD

    cl203 accessories

    Can anyone tell me which parts are available for my 04 sport coupe? Interior or exterior? Im sure I've seen someone mention Brabus suspension.
  17. DCphoenix

    Carbon fibre accessories for C63 AMG

    I fancy replacing certain parts of my C63 AMG with good quality carbon fibre. Can anyone recommend a quality company/manufacture Thanks in advance
  18. andavaka

    Place to buy W203 accessories.

    Hi guys, I am based in South Africa and we do not have a lot of places to buy Merc accessories. My brother inlaw will be in London soon and have asked him to collect a few items i need which i have listed below. Please advise places in London i can shop online from and get my brother inlaw to...
  19. U

    genuine mercedes accessories where to buy..?

    As the title really says, I'm looking to add/retrofit parts to my c55 w203. Only I'm have a hard job finding any available parts or place to buy from... :dk: Looking for things like amg mats, rear electric blind, paddle shifters etc... Is there a place i can go or would it be just a trip...
  20. Stan the Man

    W203 Accessories for sale.

    OK Guys, I have a fair few bits for sale, some new some nearly new. All are suitable for a facelift W203. I would like to give forum members the chance to buy before I stick them on e**y. Please ask for more details via PM and I'll be happy to help. Comand APS (NTG2) A203 870 62 89 (DVD...
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