1. M

    Accident in car on PCP

    Hi All, Just a quick question if anyone has any experience of this: mrs. shr was his by car behind today. Only very minor and no injuries thankfully. Other driver has admitted full liability so no issues there either. Question is, as this car is on a PCP, is there a specific procedure...
  2. mickday

    My E55K just been written off after accident last week

    After being rear ended by a Citroen van last Thursday my S211 E55K has just been written off by my insurance company. They have offered a value of £8,000 which could be worse I guess due to high mileage of 164K although it was worth a lot more to me obviously. Was considering buying it...
  3. I

    Any advice on the best option to fix car after minor accident?

    Sadly I have damaged the front side panel (passenger side). As I was turning out of a carpark I did not notice a very low wall which hit the side panel in the middle (between the door and wheel) and dented and scratched it. When the side panel went in it also pushed the screenwash fluid...
  4. L

    PreSafe Operated But No Accident

    I have the PreSafe Plus package on my E class. Whilst negotiating a reasonably slow (30-40mph) right hand bend there was a single-decker school bus going in the opposite direction. I remember thinking the bus was in a hurry but I was then distracted by white noise and my seat going sideways so...
  5. S

    Why does my insurance go up following a non-fault accident?

    My parked vehicle was hit and my insurance company successfully reclaimed the full amount from the third party insurer. Insurance renewal quote from current insurer was double last years! I kid you not, was paying £645 last year and now its £1276! However, if I shop online I can get it down to...
  6. P

    STUPID ACCIDENT adice needed ASAP

    hi there guys i got a c63 and i wrecked the drivers door today.just trying to keep this very short: reversed the car,put on the hand brake and left the car in R(stupid i know), spoke to someone,the car didn't move an inch with hand brake on. then decided to turn the ignition off without...
  7. M

    Minor accident cover

    What do members think of the minor accident cover? Covers for small scratches of under 15cm of work. Several hundred pounds for the cover for 3 years. Is it worth it?
  8. B

    Accident - two young drivers in sub £1k cars

    Grateful for advice and informed views. Young lad, 18, in the first year of driving in his ten year old 1.2l Skoda fails to see 19 yr old in a fifteen year old 1.2 Renault Clio. Both vehicles valued at circa £500 - £800 maximum. Collision, clearly down to him, causes damage to both...
  9. tali

    Mercedes in fatal accident

    Sadly the driver died- doing some serious damage to the S320- must have been doing some speed .Odd, that he hit a Mini, whose occupants survived. Man killed outside Manchester United's Old Trafford was dad Luke Campbell - CapitalBay
  10. grober

    Volvo's new run off road accident test

    Quite spectalar and major on seat belt tensioning and seat construction to mimise the effects of vertical acceleration! Possibly a situation more familiar to drivers on unmade roads in Scandanavia than commuters on the M25.;) [YOUTUBE HD]irNnjxvUUww[/YOUTUBE HD]
  11. Simon_M

    Accident in Malta

    I see one of the regular VMax attendees has been involved in a nasty incident in Malta - hope all those injured make a full and speedy recovery. Malta crash: UK Porsche driver among motor show injured - BBC News
  12. D

    Non fault accident

    Not me, my Mum. Some kid drove into the back of her car last week when she was stationary, a van in front of her had stopped suddenly, Mum stopped but the car behind her didn't. Young lad, very pregnant wife in an old clunker which showed no damage. At the time all mum noticed was a...
  13. Reggie-rock

    Tailgater accident comes off worse.

    I had an driver behind me yesterday driving close behind but as I and the car in front of was following a tractor on a twisty country road we just had to accept the low speed, much to the frustration to the driver on my back bumper. As we approached a right hand turning the car in front of me...
  14. G

    Accident driving a car with third party insurance

    My wife was driving my mothers car (she has fully comp therefore allowing her to drive any other car) and she was cut up by a BMW from the middle lane into the first hitting her car in the process. The police were called and the highways agency attended the scene. Luckily there were no injuries...
  15. N

    Near crash accident with Ferrari F430 but quick thinking of Mercedes Driver!

    Hi guys, I know this is not a Mercedes car but after viewing this video a few times (over and over), I could not help it but wanted to share this video to you. Congratulations to the quick thinking Mercedez driver for turning onto the...
  16. Howard

    Had an accident

    Had an accident the other day , smashed into the back of a car at the lights. Bloke jumps out , he's a dwarf ... I say to him 'are you alright ?' ... He says ' Well, I'm not happy ' ' Which one are you then ? ' I said.
  17. dan-mb

    Impatient Camaro Driver Causes A Huge Accident!

    Road rage vid well worth a watch.
  18. 230K

    Accident this afternoon

    Hi Looking some advice. The wife's 124 took a bit of a knock this afternoon. No fault of hers she was knocked unconscious for a period and thankfully seems ok now if a little shaken. The offending fiesta admitted responsibility to the police and has informed his insurance etc. His accident...
  19. A

    Had an Accident

    Hi Guys, I am looking for some advise I had an accident 2 weeks back (first time in my life) I was driving straight with my family and suddenly a van came in front of me. he was trying to cross me to another road (image attached) I called the police 999, they said there is no injury so we do...
  20. M

    accident repair

    Does anyone know to a good accident repair shop in west midlands that will come out and give a rough estimate to repair This 2013 a180
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