1. I

    Accidental newbie: E320 owner

    Hi everyone, I appear to have bought a 2004 E320 CDI Avantgarde estate Tip. It's a slightly long story, for another day perhaps, but the bottom line is that it looks great, wasn't very expensive, has been to a galaxy (far, far away) and back and has to transport me, my better half and two cats...
  2. M

    New member, new (accidental) owner -help!

    Hello, I live in Sussex and have recently inherited a powder blue 1987 500SL in need of restoration. I know nothing about this sort of thing, but am keen to see if I can do something with it, and thought joining this forum wold be a good way to do that. I have had an enormous quote from a...
  3. V

    Accidental Reset of W211 E220 CDI

    Sent my car to a Merc specialist for rear brake pad renewal today. They used the Star diagnostic computer to secure the SBC brake before starting work. I noticed someting odd when the mechanic started the engine to test the car after pad fitment - a puff of black smoke. Another longer but less...
  4. R

    Accidental bumper redesign - W208 Facelift

    Whilst attempting a cunning about turn around in a particularly rural and and muddy location the other day, I drove up over a mound of earth and most unfortunately the bumper just in front of the right front wheel bent a tad due to the less than Range Roverish clearance levels of the CLK. Has...
  5. Satch

    Department of Work & Pensions: accidental XP upgrade rollout knackers 60,000 PC's

    Another triumph for EDS. DWP kills 60k+ PCs in Windows XP upgrade lash-up By John Lettice Published Friday 26th November 2004 09:30 GMT Most of the desktop computers in the UK's Department for Work and Pensions have been paralysed since Monday, when a failed upgrade took them offline...
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