1. erdnase

    Oddball Car Accidents

    About 8+ years ago one of my neighbours whose garage is opposite mine accidentally hit the accelerator instead of the brake and did this damage. Car C180 was a write off and garage had to be extensively rebuilt. The only good news was nobody actually got hurt.
  2. ringway

    Illness and Accidents. Hypochondriacs Corner.

    Throughout life, there are times when we are injured or fall ill. Although I have been relatively healthy (head and spine aside) I have come some almighty croppers in my time. The first one, at around 4-5 years old, involved me riding my tricycle into the oncoming path of a girl who was...
  3. developer

    Prog about road traffic accidents - BBC Three now

    Looks interesting.
  4. Satch

    £60 fine and three points on licence for minor accidents

    God it never ends! Thousands of drivers who would have escaped prosecution for collisions after simply swapping insurance details will now face likely prosecution as soon as the police become involved. An array of trivial motoring offences in addition to minor crashes are also likely to...
  5. D

    Sat Nav blunders 'have caused up to 300,000 accidents' It distracted my driving, worst than mobile phone.
  6. glojo

    What would you do to reduce Accidents?

    Just for a change let's have a 'Put the World to rights' type thread and because we are a motoring based forum I thought we would try to keep it motoring based. It doesn't matter if posts do not refer to accidents.... Just air your views, but NO disputes. We can all agree to disagree :D ...
  7. Satch

    Speed cameras 'may cause accidents'

    Speed cameras 'may cause accidents' By David Williams Motoring Editor, Evening Standard 24 June 2005 Fresh doubts over the value of speed cameras were raised today after a surge in accidents at sites where they are installed. Official papers show that the number of crashes rose...
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