Photobucket account restricted...

    Hi all, I have exceeded my 10GB photobucket storage, now when i log in i get account restricted pop up (which i cannot close X) which directs me to pay per month storage options. I want to access the account so i can delete and make more space, however it seems it wont let me:dk...
  2. BTB 500

    Amazon account hacked

    Woke up to a series of emails this morning confirming that my Amazon account had been hacked and used to place an order at around 3AM. The perp had tried to get the vendor to deliver to a different address, which they refused to do. Then changed the email address on the account. Amazon detected...
  3. PXW

    My account has been expired!

    Or so the nice people at "" would have me believe. Apparently if I don't confirm my billing details within 24 hours my account will be "Permenatly Closed"! To update all I have to do is click their secure link and "confirm my informations". Well...I'm convinced! I shall get onto it...
  4. KillerHERTZ

    Using a Credit Card to 'fund' an account

    Can you apply for a credit card and ask them to add X amount into your current account from the offset, for example, rather than take out a loan? Looking at the deals on loans agaist the current great deals on 0% credit cards I could make a large saving.
  5. R

    Who do you speak to to have an account cancelled?

    So I tried contacting admin twice now -no response. Why can't I get my account cancelled please, I still managed to login out of curiosity today !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Druk

    Santander 123 account

    We're considering a switch to the above. Any comments for or against please and especially in relation to their internet banking interface. Is that user friendly or what? Thanks.
  7. Rashman

    Can't open my Hotmail email account?!

    Hey guys, So this morning, I don't seem to be able to open my email account. Even my iPhone is asking me to verify my password. I type in my password and it says it is incorrect?! I also noticed that there are some delivery failure notifications for emails that I didn't send?! Has...
  8. PXW

    Account details

    Friend of mine got his driveway done...poor quality bodge job, form a guy who is 'no longer working in the area'. However, he does have an address/phone number, and after much hassle the guy has agreed to refund - half now, half later. I'm sceptical that my friend will ever see the money - it...
  9. S

    Urgent help! I've been blocked from my email account.

    realy need help with this one guys. I was unable to read emails on my phone to day, and thought nothing of it. When arriving home I decided to check my emails via my pc, only to discover that my account had been hacked and subsequently blocked. I followed the prompts showing me how to...
  10. Spinal

    Anyone Have a TravisPerkins Account?

    I'm looking to buy about 500l of vermiculite or perlite (coarse ideally)... I'm not fussy over which one of the two - price decides. I've been told Travis Perkins do it for under £10 for a 100l bag - can anyone with an account verify? The cheapest I can find from insulation specialists...
  11. npuk

    Anyone have a bank account in Germany?

    Does anyone here have a bank account in Germany? I need someone who does to pay someone in Germany for a purchase I have made. I will pay you the money first via bank transfer to your UK account. If you can help please PM me. Thanks.
  12. C240Sport97

    £10 in a National Savings Investment Account

    in May 1987. Recently found an old passbook with a balance of £10 as at 23 May 1987. Sent it in last week to close and get money back. Guess how much I got back? Closest guess gets a Gold Star .. Competition closes 9pm Thursday 26 Jan 12.
  13. ringway

    My email account has been hacked. How do I solve the problem?

    I've recieved many spam emails from email contacts over the years, but now I'm the one sending out the "Buy Viagra" and "Stop Smoking" emails to people on my email list. Any ideas how I can get rid of this problem, please? TIA. Paul.
  14. d w124

    Gmail account dissabled

    Can someone help on this please??The account has been been disabled and is doing my head as I need some info from it asap They`re saying they need to clarify that the age is old enough to have an account.They`re telling me three options 1.Sending in a signed form via mail or fax with a...
  15. R

    Gmail account hacked... some of you may know, my Google mail account was hacked today, meaning that a strange email with a potentially malicious link was sent to anybody on my mailing list. My question is, how can this happen? And how I can I prevent it happening again, given that I have AVG protection?
  16. dave.partridge

    Removal of account

    Please remove my account, I no longer have a Merc.
  17. BTB 500

    Bank account problems ...

    I'm the Chairman of a national body which has a deposit account and a current account with a large bank (I don't want to get MBClub into trouble, so I'm assuming it's best not to mention names?). The three signatories to the accounts are the Officers - myself, the Treasurer, and the Secretary...
  18. jonnyboy

    ebay account misuse

    Relisted 2 cars, messaged about eight or nine sellers of 4x4's asking if they'd do a p/ex with either of my cars, as its a pain copying and pasting for every listing i copied the first message and then just repasted it for the other sellers as i was asking an identical question. Now ebay...
  19. sspeed

    how to close my account on here?

    As the title says.. How do I cease to exist on here ?
  20. Gucci

    eBay deducting money from my account?

    A few weeks ago, I sold an iPhone 3G for £150 on eBay. Other than that, I've only bought items in recent months. I had an auto payment go to eBay from Paypal of £16.25 for October. BUT, I also had £16.25 billed last month :mad: "eBay Seller Fees Recurring Billing Payment" to eBay Europe Sarl...
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