1. Palfrem

    Paypal says my bank account has been clsoed.

    Had this email from PayPal yesterday. Very strange. The payment was for an ebay item and the guy had got the money. I rang my bank who teld me they had had a number of customers calling about a similar email. Anyone here had one? Is it genuine? "On , we attempted to...
  2. Spinal

    Savings Account with Various Pots

    I seem to remember ING offering a bank account with multiple pots a few years ago, i.e. if I want to save £20K for a new car, £10k for a holiday and £300k for a house, I could set up one bank account and have 10% of my salary directed there. Then, it would automatically split (in ratios I...
  3. S

    Bank demanding I show up or else they restrict my account

    Don't know if any of you have come across this but I recently got a letter from LloydsTSB with whom I've banked for almost 30 years asking me to turn up to my branch with passport or other such item or else they "will need to restrict the use of your account". Now the letter actually says at...
  4. ShinyF1

    XP Pro Non Administrator Account

    I have an old laptop [HP nc6320] from a former employer, as I still assist them on some old ongoing issues, but it is set up with me as an account with no administrator rights. I never link back into the old company's network and use the machine stand alone, and have drawn a blank in my request...
  5. Aletank

    Hotmail Account Hacked ?

    I keep getting delivery failure reports and a couple of people have said to me, whats this email you keep sending ? I've just checked my sent items and I've sent loads of this email without me knowing ! I'll put the email contents below. How can i stop this ? Thanks :confused:
  6. Gucci

    One account mortgages

    Just a thought - this has been going for years now, but little seems to be said about the idea. I guess most people know, but the idea is everything comes out of one single account. Interest is reduced on your mortgage balance as any other income such as salary or bonuses counteract some of that...
  7. A

    Free £25 (when opening a new ING Direct Savings account)

    Hope this may be of use to some of you, potential to get £25 for 'Free'… I know that interest rates are pretty poor for savings right now, ING Direct have an promotion running at the moment, new Savings Account customers can get a variable rate of 2.75% AER (this includes a 2.22% gross p.a...
  8. BTB 500

    Hacked email account - "" email

    There's something going around which hacks into web email accounts (typically Yahoo and Hotmail), sends out the following email to all contacts ... after which it deletes all contacts. I received a couple of copies from people I know yesterday, and then one from Mrs BTB today :( The...
  9. flango

    Bank Account for 16 year old

    Just got my 16 year old daughter enrolled in college for A levels and it dawned on us she could now do with a bank account. Does anyone have any good experiences of an account suitable for teenagers? She is going to do her A levels close to home which will take her to 18 and then on to Uni so...
  10. smillion

    2 sims one account? Can I?

    The E55 is pre-wired for phone but uses the old 6310i Nokia. I know from Alfie that I can get an adapter from him. +/- £300. Before I do, can anyone confirm whether I can have 2 sims working the same phone account as I have my old 6310i but don't want to use this as a day to day phone...
  11. Gucci

    Do I need an invite for a Gmail account?

    ....iphone not playing ball, and the likes of HughJarse have said how good the accounts are...can anyone invite me?!! (please) :o
  12. S

    eBay account hijack

    I have a horrible theory my eBay account has been hijacked. I am getting email meesages saying response to my message I asked a seller. I haven't used the site for months. I have since changed my Password. Trouble is in eBay it has my address and name listed. I have since changed my password...
  13. st13phil

    Diesel vehicles now account for 40% of all UK car sales

    According to this story
  14. 5

    Hotmail Account Hacked (Help!)

    Hey Guys, My hotmail account that I even use for this site has been hacked into yesterday. I have no idea how they have done it, as I have both a secure password and an impossible secret question. I am also behind a firewall at home and have sufficient anti-virus software Anyone know how...
  15. culpano

    Aarrgghh !!! Paypal account $3000 in debt ???

    Tried to sell an item on eBay and it wouldn't accept my paypal option asking me to upgrade my account. So I went into eBay and saw a raft of large transactions to an unknown payee which has left me -$3000 on my account :confused: :confused: :confused: I've filled in a fraud form and am...
  16. Gucci

    The One Account = shorter mortgage

    SO, does anyone have experience of a One Account? Is it really that good? My mortgage repayment showed a massive saving v traditional mortgage. Who is running one or heard of people that have?
  17. pammy

    Hijacked email account

    HI peep's. A friend of mine finds herself in a pretty awful spot and I wonder if anyone here can help. This is her story: thoughts anyone please? :(
  18. MikeL

    Credit Card account passwords

    Credit Card Account Passwords: So there I am trying to buy a lawn mower, card company (well clearing house in this instance) wants to speak to me…… Confirm date of birth, then get asked for password, haven’t a clue, what password? The one set up when account opened, about three years ago...
  19. High-Lo

    Kiddies Bank Account

    Need to set up a bank account for my newborn daughter. Any recommendations as to which Bank to go with? Also is there a minimum age before an account can be open? Thanks in advance, Steve
  20. Mozzer

    Anyone got a One Account ?

    Just been told by Woolwich that my mortgage needs renewing in August and that they can give me a really great deal. Then I saw on the internet that for new customers they can offer an even really better deal - why have I got the phrase "New Customers Only" in my mind ? :mad: So now I'm...
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