1. knighterrant

    Keep business and personal bank accounts separate?

    My wife has a small hairdressing business that she runs from home working alone and less than full time. She doesn't turn over big money but it gets us some nice holidays every year. A few years ago she had a much larger business with a few staff and a turnover in excess of £250k. At that time...
  2. Bellow

    Closing bank accounts of the deceased - advice please.

    Some advice please if you can help me here with some questions. As per thread title, who is responsible for closing the bank account(s) of the deceased? Is there any legal obligation for anyone (or body, eg Registry Office) to inform banks? Is it an offence to use the bank account of a...
  3. camerafodder

    A question about company bank accounts

    A supplier of ours (a good one) has been struggling with his bank for some time now and they have finally asked him to bank elsewhere. He has been given a few weeks notice by the bank but does not want to give them any more of his business. His company is a ltd company and he has asked us if we...
  4. M

    Mail order business and accounts

    I run a mail-order Web site, and want some advice on software. So far I've been handling orders by email, with receipts in a Word template and a 3-sheet Excel spreadsheet for keeping accounts (Income, Outgoings, month-to-month Summary). I've been running this as a sole trader using my personal...
  5. The Dent Guy

    Microsoft confirm Hotmail accounts hacked

    As the title says..... and mine is one of them - my account starts with a 'P' so the 10000+ accounts starting A or B which had their user and passwords published on line is only the tip of the iceberg!! BBC NEWS | Technology | Thousands of Hotmail users hacked
  6. lynall

    Facebook possible to have 2 accounts?

    Hoping for simple answer for the above question? Wife uses mine which is no big bother as i hardly go on there, but people looking for her are hardly going to find her all the time shes using my account. Tried open new account says already an account at the e-mail address. Lynall
  7. KillerHERTZ

    Windows XP user accounts

    Im sick of having to enter a password everytime I access my PC so yesterday I decided to try and remove the user accounts. I managed to keep just one and now I cannot install programs etc :( When I go into the USER ACCOUNTS in XPs control panel, a box appears with a username: Administrator...
  8. V

    How to set up Multiple E-Mail accounts?

    OK, this might be a dumn question to a lot of people but I'm not that clued up on computers:rolleyes: How do I set up another e-mail account on my computer....I want to have a seperate e-mail account for my business stuff but still to be able to access it off my current computer along with...
  9. steveatpipex

    Small Business Software - CRM and Accounts

    I am a sole trader providing advanced communication training and specialist consultancy services, mainly to the public sector but not averse to private sector too of course. I have just been given a grant :bannana: to purchase some Customer Relations Management and Accounts software. I don;t...
  10. SEM

    Multiple email accounts

    Edited: Looking to setup 3 email accounts that family can use, so when they log on.. they only get there own and not mine. I have created multiple logons with xp. Now what do i do? I have 1 pop3 account and using Outlook
  11. Satch

    Safety Camera Partnership Accounts

    Forced out of the DfT by the Freedom of Information Act. Note trend that penalties charged dropped in a number cases and costs went up. Quite a few of the partnerships operated at a loss for the last...
  12. Koolvin

    get your G-mail accounts here

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