1. uumode

    Accuracy of onboard tyre pressure measurements?

    My tyres should be at 255kPa or 36.99 psi Digital pump on petrol station forecourt is set to 2.55 bar (=255kPa) so all 4 tyres should be at 2.55 bar or 255kPa The car's own electronic reading shows Front NS = 270 Front OS = 265 Rear NS = 263 Rear OS = 255 Not overly...
  2. T

    W202 temp gauge accuracy

    hi there, I'm thinking of fitting a grille block to my W202 to improve fuel economy (better aero, quicker warm-up). I've had good results with grille blocks on other cars. Can I ask, is the W202 temp gauge accurate? it seems to read around (either slightly above or below) 85, whereas my...
  3. M

    Satnav accuracy vs Google

    What do members believe to be more accurate and up to date . Mercedes or Google? having compare dthem on my new car, there is a difference on on diversions and also traffic congestion...
  4. D

    Comand Accuracy ?

    Im using an NTG1 with 07/08 maps. I find it a real pain the wotsit to use. I set it to take me to a town the other night , I knew about 90% of the route anyway as Ive been before but thought Id give Comand a shot at it. It took me a really roundabout way , I think it added about 25 mins onto the...
  5. Colin_b

    Speed/mpg/range accuracy.

    The computer display in both my cars is about 5% optimistic. Not a problem, as I know the accuracy. In previous BMWs I've owned you could enter a correction factor, and correct the readings. Is this possible in MB's?
  6. T

    Trip computer mpg accuracy

    Here are my findings after seven months and over 13k miles. At each re-fuelling, which tends to be from nearly empty to completely full, I record the "From reset" mpg figure and reset the computer. On average, the computer reads about 2mpg better than actual.
  7. S

    w124 Fuel Gauge Accuracy

    Or lack of it. Just filled the tank to the point it was coming out and says it's 3/4's full. When I bought the car it ran out on the A1 with 1/6 tank still showing. No reserve light... If I drive somewhere the gauge doesn't move much or at all. If I turn the ignition on and off it will then...
  8. K

    russian vin accuracy

    Hi all, i have just purchased a 2001 c230k coupe unseen. The salesman just gave a general list of the spec. I managed to get the vin and typed it in the russian site and it says it has command. Now that will make me a happy man,but how accurate is this site ? Has anybody got a site that is more...
  9. R

    Accuracy of Speed Measuring Equipment Just how accurate is the equipment used to measure a vehicles speed? Not very if this case is anything to go by.
  10. B

    W124 timeline - please check for accuracy

    I've been working on a graphical W124 estate timeline. I'll enlarge it to cover coupes, saloons and cabriolets at some point in the future I'm looking for comments and for an accuracy check: When complete & accurate the timeline will move from this...
  11. Brian WH

    Speedometer Accuracy??

    So how accurate is your Speedometer, and how do you tell? Against GPS Satellite reading from my "Indic8tor speed management solution equipment ( Speed Trap Detector ), my speedometer is 5% fast at all speeds. ie. at 31.5 mph speedo - GPS Satellite reading is 30mph at 84 mph speedo -...
  12. BTB 500

    Trip computer accuracy

    Top Gear mag. has a long-term W204 C220 CDI, which they think is fantastic. Interested to see though that they reckon the trip computer is a rather optimistic. Over 2,371 miles their fuel added/distance covered calculation gave 36.3 MPG, whereas the trip computer said 38.8 MPG (nearly 7% out).
  13. C

    Clock accuracy

    The clock on my S430 loses about 20 seconds a day, every week I'm having to move it forward a couple of minutes. Anyone else experience this with thiers ?
  14. Dryce

    Trip Accuracy

    How accurate are MB trip computers in reporting fuel consumption and range? I'm reckoning it's over optimistic by about 10% on consumption on my W211 but I haven't had enough time to do any decent averaging as yet. (The only other car I've had with an mpg readout was a Honda and that usually...
  15. steveatpipex

    Regulations on yellow lines and accuracy of Penalty Notice Charges

    Hi all, wondering if anybody can provide any advice on the following: Our city has decriminalised parking. On Saturday gone my son has parked on a single yellow line, believing incorrectly that weekends were exempt. Fair enough, but on looking at the PCN the warden has got the location wrong -...
  16. ChrissyBoy

    E Class W211: Fuel gauge accuracy

    Since picking up my car a month ago, I've noticed that the fuel level reported by the fuel gauge tends to be quite sporadic. In the morning it can give the "Reserve Fuel" message accompanied by the yellow light, then when I come to drive it home from work at night, the message has gone along...
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