1. gaz_l

    Acer 8” Windows 10 Tablet – 3 weeks old

    I have for sale an Acer Iconia 8” Tablet PC. Bought on a whim over Christmas, on the pretext that I might be able to use it to run the company MRP software when walking around as opposed to at my desk. Unsurprisingly, trying to run a heavy duty relational database on something with an Atom...
  2. P

    Acer TravelMate Laptop.

    Bought this as a aid to use in my studio but no longer required. Acer TravelMate Laptop. Windows Vista Business. Intel Core 2 Duo CPU 2 @ 1.40Ghz 3gb memory. 150gb hard drive. build in card reader. WiFi Firewire port for video camera. DVD writer. 15" screen. Fully charged battery showing 1hr...
  3. shanksy

    Acer 5742 replacing screen

    Hi all, I know there are some good techies on this site so I thought I'd post my plea for advice here : I am fixing my sisters laptop at the moment (Acer 5742), problem was that the screen had gone, however if you shone a bright light on it, you could faintly see the display, therefore just the...
  4. P

    A Rare Acer Aspire 9815WKHi Laptop with 20.1 inch screen

    Bigger than the ordinary run of the mill laptop and very sought after as these rarely come up for sale anywhere. Its the "beast" of all laptops ! These have been selling for over £270 on Ebay just as spares even when they are broken with no hard drives and other parts missing ! I am a...
  5. mercmanuk

    acer laptop faulty advise please

    acer 5920 working fine,turned it off at night now will not turn on. power supply ok,nothing on the laptop,no lights at all. have we any members who fix laptops or can give advise. ive tried remove/replace the battery and cmos battery but nothing. any idea's anyone its only been used on a...
  6. A

    Any gardening/tree experts on here - need advice on an Acer Palmatum

    Any of you guys and gals gardening experts? I need some advice on pruning a well established Acer Palmatum tree. Is this an appropriate time to prune it, or is it too late? Thank you in advance
  7. mercmanuk

    acer aspire one netbook new hdd problem

    I've a problem,my acer aspire one netbook gave up the ghost,I've fitted a new hdd but as the old hdd was partitioned with the recovery discs and i don't have a copy i'm stuffed. when i try and load xp or win 7 onto the hdd with an external cd rom i always get an error after about 55% regarding...
  8. Brian WH

    Acer Aspire One A150-Bb Netbook

    Thinking of buying one of these. Anyone any comments or experience with them? I really like the use of XP home and the large memory 1024MB RAM , large Capacity 120GB SATA Hard Disk Drive and the colours.:rock: See here. Acer Aspire One on Amazon
  9. A

    Laptop - Acer TravelMate 5140

    Acer TravelMate 5140 Laptop computer, now suprplus to requirements. Very good condition, some minor marks to lid of computer - overall a great laptop. Thought I'd list it here, prior to putting it on Ebay. 512MB RAM (shared with Graphics Adaptor) 18GB Hard Drive Pentium 1.6Ghz processor...
  10. G

    ACER n35 PDA with GPS Sat Nav

    For details and pictures click:
  11. G

    Acer TravelMate Problem?

    I've got an Acer TravelMate 2700 that belongs to a friend, when I press the power button it boots to a screen with ACER on it then goes to a black screen with a blue box saying "Enter Password" but the keys are'nt working :crazy: Anyone any ideas? :confused: Not too good with Laptops :(
  12. BenzComander

    Acer Laptops - Any good?

    Bit of advice please, father in law wants to buy a new laptop, found this one by Acer Aspire 1672WLMi he quite likes the look of. Aspire Anybody had any dealings or experience of them.
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